Over paying for a desired item

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  1. Has anyone knowingly overpaid for an item they just had to have and was hard to find????
  2. Personally no but then again 'overpaid' and 'value' is all a matter of perspective; it could easily be argued by the general public that LV owners have overpaid for a canvas bag but for us it's completely normal to drop a thousand (or three) dollars because it's considered valuable to us.

  3. I was this close to overpaying $100-$150 more for a rose Ballerine key holder in empriente (retail was $440). I knew it and I was willing to do it because of its rarity and that I had a hard time finding one. But the gal ended up keeping it lol. Oh well.
  4. All a matter of perspective...crazy to me but reasonable to you:lol: But then again if it was being offered in a teal or emerald and you were competing against me I wouldn't hesitate to spend the extra and break some kneecaps to get it...
  5. Yes I did, a Cherry Blossom Papillon in 2004 at the height of the Murakami craze. Boy did I learn a lesson. I carried it three times maybe and decided it was strictly a novelty item, and ridiculous for the $$$$. Sold it quickly and did okay, which was lucky because the resale price for these bags plummeted. Never. Again.
  6. I guess for me, it like how bad do I really want it. But most of the time I do not allow myself to over pay a product.
  7. Every time I buy something from Louis Vuitton!!

  8. [emoji28][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] true!
  9. I've always buy new, so never paid more than retail price. I do feel like overpaying when I buy though.
  10. Yes. I have. I overpaid for an Ikat tote. Yes. Ikat. Before I knew anything about the problems. I have no regrets though. The bag I bought was in mint condition. The seller sent the original receipt. I was fine overpaying because I really wanted it. I figured by time the cost of shipping and paypal fees were added I was paying close to retail plus applicable tax anyway. The extra money I paid wasn't that much and I was happy to pay the extra knowing the seller took time to purchase the bag, store the bag safely, wrap the bag securely for shipping to me, etc.

    Having said that I would not pay more than a reasonable amount. Some people charge double for a bag they are selling. If you wait long enough, you will find the bag that you want. May take some time but be certain...... The bag you want will eventually be sold on the preloved market.....
  11. Every time I walk out of LV with a luxury brown shopping bag :graucho:
  12. #12 May 30, 2016
    Last edited: May 30, 2016
    Last year, 2015, was the year of turquoise for LV, and my attention was elsewhere. I was able to find a brand new clemence wallet and a brand new zippy multicartes in turquoise on the second hand market after they were sold out everywhere. Since turquoise if my favorite color, and not as frequently available as say all the shades of pink LV produces...I did breakdown and pay over retail for both items. I don't anticipate these two items leaving my collection as I love them like crazy, but kick myself that I wasn't paying attention to new LV releases last year.

    However, after going through old threads, I'm not even sure the turquoise multicartes color was ever released in the U.S.

    Towards the end of last year, my goal was to work on my SLG collection, and now I'm so happy that most everything inside my bags coordinates together in shades of turquoise. Now if only LV would release a 6 ring key holder and a card holder in mono/turquoise and I'd be content. Hasn't it been long enough that we are limited to Fuchsia or (insert name of other pink here) for these items?

  13. hé oui :biggrin:

  14. Yep. I've been eyeing the OM delightful GM for a long time. Found a brand new one recently for quite a bit over original retail. [emoji15] but couldn't resist.
  15. Nyat! I wouldn't pay over retail. Just paying retail feels like overkill! :lol:
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