Oval: Ink or Cornflower?

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  1. I've finally decided to buy the oval..
    Bal Paris has this colours left: ink,cornflower, emerald green, dark orange, white..
    I like ink and cornflower: which one do you suggest me?
  2. ink
  3. I think ink would be the prettiest.
  4. Ink is a very pretty color.
  5. I'm rooting for INK too!!! It's GORGEOUS!
  6. cornflower!!! hehehe!
  7. CORNFLOWER!!! :smile:

    Hands down, for me.
  8. Here's Lilo with ink:

  9. Did you see the link i have posted?
    Is it ink?
  10. I don't know! Someone else will though!
  11. I vote ink
  12. I vote for Ink...it's not my favorite color, but I think it would look fabulous in the oval.
  13. Ink would be gorgeous.
  14. What's the oval look like? In terms of color, I definitely go with Ink.