OUtlets have Bleecker Patchwork Gallerty Totes

  1. Hello Coachies,
    I have been quiet here for a while, trying very hard not to get caught up and saving my money. I do not see anything in Coach that excites me these last couple of floorsets. I am rather disappointed since I had credits. My outlet just got in and is holding a bleecker legacy patchwork tote and wristlet for me. I am making a trip there to see if it is also comfortable on the shoulder. I had liked it in the store, a minority it seems on here and it is light, but I did not want to pay $398.00 for it. It is $200.00 dollars now at my outlet. That is a great buy. Does anyone have it and like it? I ordered the pond sholder tote and did not love the color or the plastic smell. I also ordered a pebble medium ergo. It is meh. Ordinary to me. I am going to return them and just not order things until I have the chance to try them on in the store. No catalog orders any longer for me from JAX. I have learned that lesson. Thanks for any info you girls have on this gallery tote and if you wear it a lot and find it light and comfortable.
    y. Have a great day!!! I am off to the outlet to look at it. :yes: HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!! MAY YOUR COACH WISHES COME TRUE :heart::heart::heart:
  2. I really want that tote, but it isn't at my outlet!