Outlets close to DC

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  1. Hi Ladies, I am spending two months this summer in DC and would love to check out some outlets if there are any nearby. I won't have a car while I'm there so that's the only downfall. Any suggestions about good outlets? Thanks :smile:
  2. depending on how much effort you want to put into it, you could take metro out to a bus stop to Dulles airport and if they do busses from there to Leesburg that would work. or take a bus to dulles mall and get on the loudoun bus service down rt 7 and that will circle past the outlet in leesburg.
    you could always rent a zip car and hit hagerstown 1 1/2 hrs out in the west, 45min to leesburg, and go east to queenstown about an hr give or take.
  3. Thanks for the info :smile: I don't think I dare drive in DC LOL
  4. honestly, its no worse or better than any other major city. I would give yourself the benefit of the doubt.
  5. How about Williamsburg, Va. They have a pretty good size outlet. You can even ride a train from DC to Williamsburg and back.
  6. That's a good idea, thanks :smile:

    Not like I neeed an outlet, I have one near where my parents' live... but still! more is always better