outlet, tj maxx, or department stores?

  1. ~I am in love with my latest find, an embossed croco embossed Hamilton retail $348-TJ Maxx price $199 then red tagged to $149.00!!!!!!! I am so happy with this purchase!~
    image-96727359.jpg image-3362813736.jpg image-219195245.jpg
  2. Awesome find! Love the color - congrats!!

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  3. Thank you!:biggrin:

  4. Excellent Job! and it's the retail/Lifestyle version, sweet!! Did you find it this week? TJ Maxx must have gotten a hugh shipment of MK's bags, I also found the a Hamilton, but it was the Outlet version, the Tangerine, ostrich embossed for $179.00.
    Hamilton purchase from TJMaxx.jpg

  5. Yes I found it this week, it was hiding in the midst of a bunch of bags so I was so happy when I uncovered it.
  6. I love the ostrich it looks perfect for summer
  7. Great deal! Enjoy!

  8. I REALLY want this Bag!!! I hope they get this one in my TJ MAXX! Enjoy!!:smile:
  9. Great fine!
  10. Mrsbagsalot1222 and vwsecret: I love your bags! You both are so lucky to find good deals. I went to 3 TJ Maxx within the last couple of days and I have not found anything. I am thinking of going to some other TJ Maxx stores tomorrow.
  11. Good Luck, after finding "tPF" I started going Marshalls & TJ Maxx more ofter and really at the bags, wallets and watches, this past week seemed to be pretty good in market, I just got back for TJ Maxx, nothing new at all. Just remember, when it rains it pours! ;)
  12. Vwsecret, I will definitely keep looking! I found some MK bags, but not the Hamilton. Atleast, not yet :smile:
  13. ~Hey ladies so I Popped into my local Marshall's 30 mins after opening and found not 1, not 2, not even 3 but 8 Michael Kors bags! Including Grayson satchels and a Rock and Roll Hamilton!. My TJMaxx and Marshall's have really been stepping their MK shipment game way up!~
  14. Hi Mrsbagalot, may I know where is it? TIA:smile:
  15. Mrsbagalot- Oh, I would love it if I saw all of those bags at my TJ Maxx!!!!!!