outlet, tj maxx, or department stores?

  1. Hi vwsecret I wil post pics in the. Morning from my phone :smile:
  2. image-2674058676.jpg
  3. There is usually MK at my DSW and Nordstrom Rack. I bought a bag from NR for $189 and just saw it at DSW a few days ago for $220.
  4. Maria, just Beautiful, rose gold bag and matching watch, you are set and ready to go!!
  5. Aww thank you vwsecret :smile:

  6. DSW, very interesting. I will have to do a better job of looking next time I am there. Has anyone else had good luck at DSW? I am still in shock that several ladies have been able to pick up a Hamilton w/ matching wallet at TJ MAXX. Nice job!!!
  7. Do the MK outlets do charge sends?
  8. I picked up a Hamilton at Last Chance yesterday for $79. There were a few there.
  9. Hi, not sure where this belongs but wanted it to be seen. Was just at the TJ Max in San Jose(almaden), several ostrich leather brown Hamilton wallets for 79. Not a go for me due to a lack of ID window, but was a very nice wallet with Super soft leather.
  10. I bought the Rock n Roll Hamilton that i took back a few weeks ago today because it was marked down to $199! I always check Marshalls and TJs first
  11. You got a good deal!!!! Do they have neutral colors? What is Last Chance? Is that a TJ Maxx type store?
  12. I got it in Luggage..didn't see any other colors. Last Chance is like TJMaxx but very cluttered!
  13. Thanks for the reply! You are so lucky! I think Luggage is a nice color. I tried to locate a Last Chance near me, but it looks like there is not one near me.
  14. I got my Michael Kors tonne hobo at my local Maxx on clearance for $289! This bag usually retails for $895!
  15. TheMaine; "Last Chance" is Nordstrom's final, clearence/discount store, just like "Last Call.com" is Neiman Marcus's on-line clearence store.