Outlet Spy Pics!

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  1. is there a 25% coupon that can be shared for in store purchases?

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  3. Thanks!!! I didn't read the fine print
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  4. Did you get the full tiered email? I didn’t - mine only included the 15% off 150+. My store told me yesterday I would have to have an email to get any extra %. 15 wasn’t worth my time!
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    Yes do you need it? Also how was the inventory?
  6. Even though I just bought 3 bags, yes! Could you PM me, plz? Thank you for offering! :flowers:
    I called so I wouldn't waste a trip, so no idea on inventory. Will report back - not sure I can make it today though.
  7. Will email once I am on my other device
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  8. Do you still go to the Wild Horse Pass outlets? I was curious if they've been getting better deletes.
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    Fashion Outlets [ETA: these are from ROSEMONT, IL not Aurora oops] @katev
    60% off, handing out the extra 15 coupon

    Didn’t get anything, SA waived my found order shipping to exchange my dark denim clutch for primrose which was excellent.

    I think I accidentally hit a filter button on a couple pics. Enjoy!

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    More from Rosemont, ETA : these are from Fashion Outlets ROSEMONT, IL not Aurora - oops
    Not pictured: denim dreamer, oxblood rivet rogue that I let another clearly interested woman have after deciding I didn’t want it. She bought it!

    ETA plus there was a Callie with metal tea roses in chalk

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  11. Thanks again for sharing! Was hoping to see some of the add’l items from the current FOS. In any case planning to check out the Aurora location on Wednesday.
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  12. I didn't go for a couple of years while I was sidetracked with LV, but I'm back into Coach now and go maybe once a month. They get some deletes sometimes, but nowhere near what some other outlets seem to get regularly. :sad:
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  13. I know, it is aggravating because if I make a specific trip there, I hope to see some deletes and usually no such luck.
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  14. Are they still doing found orders at the outlet?
  15. I was at St. Louis Premium outlet on Monday and they suggested looking up the Chelsea rose charm I asked about to order. When it wasn’t available I asked if they could look up something else, not expecting it to be available anymore. Well, it showed up in system. She said it might get cancelled because of low quantities, but I’m so excited it’s arriving Friday from Jax:
    9AC5935B-9551-4829-9E4F-55B5D1778B51.jpeg 5A3241D7-30E4-47F6-8E75-4BDEBE035ABB.jpeg