Outlet Sales !!!

  1. I think some of the Outlet sales start today , I would love to know if anyone buys anything and would love to see some pictures.
    Wish that I lived closer to an outlet I`ve got to wait now for my Hanover to arrive:sweatdrop:
  2. I`ve just rang up Cheshire oaks and its 50% to 70% ,how can we resist!!!!!!
  3. OMG that's amazing!

    I've been trying to get hold of Bicester, but they're not answering :cursing: Anyway, am seriously thinking of going tomorrow - just hope they've got good stocks!
  4. Cheshire oaks will do postal delivery , I asked and they said Yes no problem..
  5. oooo, thanks so much Tara :tup:

    Off to hunt the number, back in a min....
  6. Boo :crybaby: No choc Annies in Cheshire Oaks. Thanks anyway Tara. :flowers:
    Oh well, back to plan A....
  7. do you know i am so clueless i didn' think that the outlet places would have sales. anyone let me know if there is good stuff out there please.xx
  8. Hi Eviemarie. Saw on another thread you'd been poorly. Hope you're feeling better now.

    I will happily report back tomorrow if I make it to Bicester. TBH though, if I finally get through on the phone and discover they haven't got what I want, I'll prob give it a miss.

    Actually, who am I kidding, ;) I'll probably go anyway, especially since I've got to go out in a bit, so I can't try any longer to get hold of them by phone.

    And yes, any other mulberry fans who visit today, do share your bargains!
  9. Hi Alycat,

    Will you have a look if they have filofaxs my old one is dead. only if u go.x

    thanks babe
  10. Sure, no probs. Which size/colours do you like? If they have any, do you want me to txt you and/or pick one up? Happy just to grab one if they have what you specifically want.
  11. hi sorry had to go husband wanted know what i was doing nosy git!!

    i would like anything in oak that would be great if you just let me know i will ring them thanks. are they def open today?? i think it may be 2morrow?

  12. sorry size not a tiny one reasonable big bout A5?
  13. I'm off to Bicester Village shortly, so I'll check for Annies and filofaxes if it's not too busy! I'm hoping they've still got a chocolate Roxanne that was there last weekend.

    Just got to wait for my OH to finish washing my car!
  14. I was going to travel to Bicester tomorrow with DH and my daughter but went into our local main bag shop who are Mulberry stockists. I was with my daughter and couldn't decide which colour to buy the black or the gunmetal - after careful deliberating l decided to buy them both and have sneaked them in past DH. Both were reduced from £550 to £385. Needless to say l can forget Bicester tomorrow!!!!!:yahoo::yahoo:
  15. Shepton sale starts tomorrow so I'm going to be there as the doors open. I'm after a pink Hanover. I've seen the price on the website and am hoping SM will have it and it'll be cheaper! Another 10 per cent off tomorrow as well. Fingers crossed.