outlet returns

  1. I read the FAQ's but wanted to double check-

    for outlet purchases, can you return the new, unused item (WITH receipt) to the store you bought the item from and get cash back or does it have to be store credit?
  2. It's store credit as far as I know. That's what the back of the receipt says.
  3. ^^ Yep...store credit.

    that reminds me...i have a multi-function leather wallet to return soon...


    oh - wait.

    If you return an OUTLET item to an OUTLET with a receipt...you can get store credit OR your cash back in the form you paid (credit/cash). If no receipt, than store credit only I believe.

    If you return OUTLET items to BOUTIQUES...I believe it is STORE CREDIT only with a receipt.
  4. At the outlet that I go to, you can return new, unused items back to that outlet and receive the refund in the same manner as you used to pay for it. Cash back if you paid with cash, etc.
  5. Yah, i was mostly curious about returning an outlet item to an outlet (the same outlet) with a receipt. That's great to know i should be able to get actual money back. thanks all!
  6. Also, without a receipt- you get the lowest price sold if it's an outlet item :/
  7. Yeah, I just returned something I bought months ago and never used and got my cash back. WITH receipt though.
  8. Yup, I lost $ on one of the bags I returned but I will never use it so I just sucked it up and returned it to get what I really wanted.
  9. i almost lost $30 when i did an outlet return to the boutique BUT then i found the receipt...thank goodness