Outlaw In-Laws

  1. “Mom and Dad are coming to stay with us for the weekend!” For many married couples, these are the words they fear most.

    Yes, we’re talking about the dreaded In-laws. The uninvited visits, the unwanted phone calls, the unsolicited meddling, the uncalled for child rearing advice…yikes!

    Finally, a show that tackles how to deal with those interfering In-laws. In this 13-part series, Outlaw In-Laws exposes the reality of in-laws gone wrong and syndicated advice columnist Ellie Tesher gets to the heart of the problem by going into their homes trying to bring peace to these extended families.

    When your mother-in-law says, "I can teach you how to make my son's favourite meat loaf!", she means, "Stop eating that tofu stir-fry and make some real food for a change!"

    (Canadians: it's on the Slice channel!)
  2. "Have you thought about kids?"
    Means: Feel free to let us know if you're expecting, or if you're just eating more donuts than usual.

    "How's your family doing?"
    Means: Are they out of the insane asylum yet?

    "So cute, the two of you cuddling."
    Means: Get your hands off my son before he catches something!

    "You're not able to make it for Sunday dinner this week?"
    Means: That's okay, I may not be able to find time to squeeze your name onto my will before I die either.

    "What an interesting sense of style you have."
    Means: Who knew stripper outfits came in size sleazy?

    "Oh, I have never met anyone with such an interesting family".
    Means: "What a bunch of trailer trash I have to call my family".

    "You sure are starting a family quick"
    Means: This baby better look like my son and not your ex!
  3. OMG...I need to watch that show! I can't STAND my in-laws, especially my BIL, who is annoying as heck!
    I need to learn better comeback when they ask about stuff like how much things I have cost, or when I am going to have kids (a common question)!
    Thanks for posting this!