Out with my azur for the first time today but I got a smudge on zipper pull

  1. I'm here waiting for the SO to get a computer fixed at the MAC store and I just noticed a small smudge on the tab pull of the zipper. Looks like my new eye khol liner. :sweatdrop: I'm sitting here fighting the urge to rush home and use a makeup wipe. It will come off right? Hopefully? Maybe?
  2. Is it really dark? I'd try to lift as much up with a cotton swab first. Hopefully that will pull the bulk of it up; just don't rub it!
    Hope it works out; I know you went through a lot to get your azur!
  3. I think it will come off, :yes: but I'm not sure if the patina will darken a little.
  4. I hate eyeliner ! why does it have to smudge :sad: I'm sure it will come off though!