Our very own PF'er is an SA at NM!

  1. Our very own XOCHRISSIE is now an SA at NM in SFO! I met her for the first time yesterday and she is the sweetest EVER! So patient and helped me picked the most gorgeous bags from the back room. I ended up getting 2 bbags and a wallet. They were all so gorgeous it was hard to resist:nuts: . So gals, if you're in search of someone from NM who "gets it", Christine is your gal;)

    BTW, she can help you with all other brands, not just Balenciaga...thought i'd post it here though for the ladies who do phone orders and need to order sight unseen:love:
  2. nice to know.... i will call her if i want to get something from NM
  3. Thanks for letting us know! The SA's at this NM are a little clueless about Balenciaga. ;)
  4. Wow! Great to know! What is the number to NM SF? Can they deliver to other countries?

  5. (415) 362-3900 ext 2166. I dont know if they ship international. Christine may be able to tell you more:smile:
  6. Thanks Cristina! :shame:

    It was a pleasure meeting you! I'm so glad you love your bags. It's just so hard sometimes to find someone who understands what makes the leather Balenciaga a "yummy" leather. ;)

    We do ship internationally but the customer is responsible for all the shipping charges.
  7. 0o0o0oo0o xochrissie!!! I might have to give you a call soon!!!
  8. Please do! Especially if you are looking for anything in specific. We have the biggest Balenciaga stockroom of all the Neiman Marcus.

    Here are a few things I found:

    Work/Office in Cornflower
    City/Medium in Pale Rose
    (first pictures of both bags are w/o flash and the second pictures are w/flash)


  9. Chrissie - those side by sides of with and without flash was a BRILLIANT idea...thank you!! It's amazing how different the color looks depending on lighting.

    I can't wait to meet you myself...I've often been super-frustrated in the past going to SF NM because of how shockingly LITTLE the SAs there know about B-bags. "Oh, you want a Blue India? We have one right here." [it was a cornflower]" Or: "Oh, that's not a Purse. That's a First." [it was definitely a Purse] "You want a Part-Time? There is no such model by that name, I'm sure of it." :rolleyes: It drove me INSANE every time I went there and tried to get some help. The SAs are usually pleasant enough, but in terms of B-bag knowledge -- zippo. Hopefully Chrissie will help to change that situation for the better!!!

  10. I'm a big big fan of Balenciaga bags but sometimes I still get the color mixed up. I thought the office in cornflower was blue india. :shame: But I definitely know the differences between the Purse and the First. And I just recently learned more about the part-time. I sold a black one this morning but I still have a caramel part-time in the back.

    Come on by when you are itching for a new B-bag! ;)
  11. I also have a pink (rosa) satin clutch with gold hardware.
  12. xochrissie: im new to BBags. What do the med City's retail for at NM? What is the difference in size between City & Twiggy? Which style is the most popular? Thanks for your knowlege!
  13. Hi abbYY,

    The city retails for $1195. Sales wise, the city is definitely more popular.

    The city is bigger than the twiggy but the twiggy is bigger than the first.
  14. woo hoo....thats awesome xochrissie. Great job....I am so jealous you get to work with all those bags....

    Thanks for sharing TOD.
  15. Great, if I would live over there I would definitely come see you. Our SA here is really Bal clueless!