Our American Express Cards will Never EVER be safe again

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  1. I think this is more of a post for the general discussion area, or even the glass slipper. Cool idea though!
  2. Oops, not a money topic! It's a fun app for iPhones from BG about shoes, I'll move to GLASS SLIPPER :biggrin:
    I got an e-mail about this this morning, did anyone load it?
  3. I just did - but I'm only seeing one Louboutin shoe being displayed...I hope they have more options than what I'm seeing, lol.
  4. I did and it is showing very few shoes at the moment. I am guessing it is just a startup issue. :smile:
  5. Clearly I need an iPhone. :P
  6. Like I need another way to spend money on shoes!!! Ahhhhh!!! :P
  7. It's a shame that it's not available to Canadian customers! (I think!) LOL
  8. I got the email too and installed it thinking it was an app for ALL of the shoes...looks like it features one shoe every 24 hours...
  9. :lol:
  10. Thank god I have a Blackberry...I'd be BROKE.