Oula's Christmas Suprises..Finally the perfect POP:)

  1. Hi Everyone :heart:
    I hope ur all enjoying christmas with ur loved ones?!
    We had awsome two days untill now and I got the bestes of all presents ever:smile:

    First of all I got myself an AWSOME deal on a truffe GGH work at a sale of a shop that I discovered near my parents house in the countryside..
    She is lovely and perfect for work..

    Very suprisingly (didn't think my family would contribute to my bag madness..)
    I found some lovely bal goodies.
    First of all a very cute little wallet that matches my grey twiggy...absolutely love the colour its one of my alltime favourites..

    The last present tha t was given to me was pretty light and 5 thought maybe it is some clothing?!
    But no..it was the most perfect red city I've ever seen in my life(at least inr eal life :smile: )
    She has super thick leather and is very soft and smooshy..
    she matches my compagnon zip that i got earlyer in nov perfectly...
    I am so absolutely in love and very thankful for getting such lovely gifts..

    here are some pics
    Happy Holidays Everyone :heart:heart:
  2. here's my cutee the work...she is adorable and was 70% off..
    we were ment for each other:smile:)

  3. Tadaaaaaaaa...absolute beauty my new oh so very "popy" red city
    matches my collection perfectly..
    I cant believe my realtives found this perfect bag secretly without asking me and therefor keeping the suprise..( i know ...i'm childish :smile: )
    :heart: :heart:


    cute purse charm is from my lil sister Eva :heart:
  4. Christmas-y groupshot..with another lil present to myself..
    compagnon zip..
    aren't they cute together?!
    Oula is in LOVE! ;)
  5. I love that truffle GGH work!! its amazing!

    Wow, makes me kinda want one now. lol!! seriously!!

    Now you have a rouge vif too! I have the work in it and love the colour. Such a classic red.
  6. OMG...Should I choose one???
    You did a great job!... Merry X-mas Oulaliscious!!:woohoo:
    That Truffle was probably meant to be....love it!
  7. Your pressies looks amazing!

    70% off on that gorgeous truffle? OMG!!! Congrats, and enjoy the rest of the holidays!
  8. Wow, you got some great christmas gifts! Merry Christmas!!!
  9. OMG - what great presents! And love the truffle - one of the few colors I like with GH. You were destined for it so it seems. Congrats :smile:
  10. Fabulous gifts!! What a deal on the truffle- looks amazing! And I'm loving rouge vif- it's a color I'm contemplating for my next purchase- which I am making myself wait a while on. Congrats!!
  11. Awww... That's amazing. :tender:Your truffle work is especially gorgeous and I don't know if it's true for you but I especially treasure the stuff that I get off sales. It's like getting it at a lower price makes it even more special. Haha. :smile: I was just wondering if your work is heavy with the giant hardware. I just got a giant work and she's on her way to me but I'm worried about the weight of the hardware. Thanks!
  12. Oula, your truffe work is just too gorgeous!!!:nuts: congrats!!!
  13. Congrats! I love all of your gifts!!
  14. wow that red is PERFECT!!! I wish my relatives were like yours ;P I love your Bal collection!!!
  15. OMG your truffle is gorgy!! so sweet of your family to contribute to the madness...nonetheless it is a merry christmas for you!!