Oula*la!About some POP and a VERY rare find...

  1. Hello my dear friends!:heart::heart:

    Oula was very BBag lucky and therefor very naughty;)

    Number 1 :I scored a very nice deal on some pop-coloured accesoire at Diabro..
    Loved their customer service and it came to me in 3!days..

    so any guesses?!

  2. oohh what is it? a coin purse maybe? :idea::heart:
  3. ooh take it off take it off!! :biggrin:
  4. ooh or a Jaune wallet?..c'mon take it all off!
  5. violet wallet...?
  6. Almost :smile:

    It is a...


    And here I'm working my brand new(much bigger than I thought..) lil treat, as a clutch/evening bag:p

    yay i'm so excited
  7. very pretty!!!! congrats! love the chain! :tup::heart:
  8. Number 2: Some BBag fate...I went to this very cool balenciaga shop while in Berlin over the weekend "the corner"(current inventory in shopping sction..)So many cool BBags there..Violet First,Jaune Hobo GSH etc.
    Bu I wasn't quite sure so decided to put them on hold for a day...
    I went on shopping and went to a high-end thrift store that was recommended by a friend...
    I enter...and OMG what do I see?!..:heart:
  9. what, what...................
  10. OMG.......all the older colors are flooding my brain........what could it be?
  11. seriously- what's next!!
  12. a hint..it is no colour..but still very special ..
  13. i love how you transformed it into a clutch, congratulations!! :smile: very nice!!
  14. thanx:graucho:the more I look at it the more I want to take it out for a drink :drinkup:
    so , another hint...I think the bag looks very "berlinesque" and cool
  15. a black FBF?