Other than Handbags what are your other passions??

Mar 20, 2006
I am passionate about my job (waterpark) and about Shih Tzu pups.

I work about 50 hours a week and love my job (other than the long hours and the fact that I am in school full time on top of this job).

I am also passionate about Shih Tzu (dogs). We are hoping to build a house this summer and I have been promised that once I am done with school (either December or a year from May) and once our house is built I can get one... and I can hardly wait.

I also really enjoy buying scrapbooking supplies.... but I really never scrapbook because I dont have time for anything other than work and school lately.

What are some things that are your passions/interests...

(Oh yeah I am a shopaholic too .. for anything... I will go to the grocery store for nothing just because I really like shopping!)
Mar 8, 2006
Well.......I love shoes.....and really unique clothes...doesn't have to be a brand name, as long as it's something different that I don't feel like everyone is going to be wearing. here in Hong Kong, it is easy to find those sort of things because there are lots of boutiques that will carry 1 of an item, and if it's your size...you get lucky!!
My kids would be at the top of all the passions....cause I do like them alot!!!


Quirky and Cool
Mar 20, 2006
Travel,travel,travel...I love exploring new places and cultures. i don't hang out in resorts and cities only...I love to travel small towns and see the way people live,and to be out in nature,cheesy as it may sound.

Fashion as a whole


My job...I love it.

My sweetie:love: .


Photography...I love to take pictures even though I'm not very good. this may tie in with passion number 1 :smile:


Feb 15, 2006
I'd have to go with...
-My job (For being a corporate office, it's amazingly fun!)
-Cars, cars, cars (building, racing, viewing, etc)
-My family. I suppose family should come first over all, but besides handbags... my family. We're amazingly close and very supportive of eachother... and, well... my mother is my best friend! :o)


Feb 4, 2006
Literature -- Got my degree in 1974 and sometimes regretted that I hand't studied law or journalism as it was difficult getting started in a corporate career with a doctorate in English. But I am still passionate about good fiction and poetry.
Painting: drew all the time as a child and put it all away long ago. But since retiring have been working again. It is a source of great frustration and unhappiness but the when things are going well it is all consuming.