Other than Handbags what are your other passions??

I am passionate about my job (waterpark) and about Shih Tzu pups.

I work about 50 hours a week and love my job (other than the long hours and the fact that I am in school full time on top of this job).

I am also passionate about Shih Tzu (dogs). We are hoping to build a house this summer and I have been promised that once I am done with school (either December or a year from May) and once our house is built I can get one... and I can hardly wait.

I also really enjoy buying scrapbooking supplies.... but I really never scrapbook because I dont have time for anything other than work and school lately.

What are some things that are your passions/interests...

(Oh yeah I am a shopaholic too .. for anything... I will go to the grocery store for nothing just because I really like shopping!)
Well.......I love shoes.....and really unique clothes...doesn't have to be a brand name, as long as it's something different that I don't feel like everyone is going to be wearing. here in Hong Kong, it is easy to find those sort of things because there are lots of boutiques that will carry 1 of an item, and if it's your size...you get lucky!!
My kids would be at the top of all the passions....cause I do like them alot!!!
shopping. even if i don't buy anything. i can't even be trusted in a target because i can wander for hours and hours.

i'm also passionate about reading and books. i love words. :smile:
Travel,travel,travel...I love exploring new places and cultures. i don't hang out in resorts and cities only...I love to travel small towns and see the way people live,and to be out in nature,cheesy as it may sound.

Fashion as a whole


My job...I love it.

My sweetie:love: .


Photography...I love to take pictures even though I'm not very good. this may tie in with passion number 1 :smile:
I'd have to go with...
-My job (For being a corporate office, it's amazingly fun!)
-Cars, cars, cars (building, racing, viewing, etc)
-My family. I suppose family should come first over all, but besides handbags... my family. We're amazingly close and very supportive of eachother... and, well... my mother is my best friend! :o)
art, make-up ( artistry), fashion, horseback riding, womens rights( feminism), mass communications, gender roles in society, exercising, fitness in general, and...FOOD! lol.
Literature -- Got my degree in 1974 and sometimes regretted that I hand't studied law or journalism as it was difficult getting started in a corporate career with a doctorate in English. But I am still passionate about good fiction and poetry.
Painting: drew all the time as a child and put it all away long ago. But since retiring have been working again. It is a source of great frustration and unhappiness but the when things are going well it is all consuming.
My family, my faith, running, supporting my husband's job (he is a high school coach), watching my kids and their activities, fixing computers (I am a global moderator at www.geekstogo.com - we fix computers as volunteers), scrapbooking (I like to buy, not do - hee hee), browsing the net, and reading magazines.
My husband and little girl. TRAVEL (big time!). ANYTHING regarding fashion and beauty. I'm also passionate about minding my own business, always doing the right thing and teaching my child about the real world.