other coach ostrich styles??

  1. I just saw the thread on the ostrich Lily... My mom absolutely adores ostrich leather but I know the Lily is not her style.

    Did Coach make any other bags in ostrich?? Thanks!!
  2. yes. they made the 06 style Legacy satchel, the 06 style Legacy shoulder bag, and the Legacy wallets were in ostrich as well. I'm thinking there were a few others, but I can only think of these two, the rest are all alligator.
  3. ooh, ostrich shoulder bag... thats cool!
  4. Awwwww... too bad those aren't anything my mom would carry. Thank you for the information, though!!
  5. oooooo I saw in the book today when I stopped into Coach that the medium Lily is coming in ostrich and python. The ostrich one was $3900 IIRC. There were a bunch of super cute hats in there too.
  6. Thanks for the additional info!!

    My mom definitely needs something that doesn't have much hardware and isn't heavy, especially after having her stroke a few years back... just clean and crisp... and ostrich. *lol* There needs to be an ostrich Ergo, seriously!!