OT: Would you tell on someone...

  1. which might cause them to loose their job?

    I usually post on the LV forum. Thought I would ask this question here in the general discussion forum instead.

    I bought something from Eluxury last week and the package was supposedly delivered on Saturday March 31, 2007 @ 7:37 PM. Been contacting Eluxury back and forth regarding my missing Louis Vuitton items.

    Eluxury sent me an emailed stating I have received my package. I can see that for myself on the FedEx website. Since I was not satisfied with the answer I call them again. This time they said they would contact FedEx and change the data to being returned to warehouse for delivery Monday April 2, 2007. Well Monday has come and gone and still no package from Eluxury.

    This time I contacted FedEx and the customer service representative says my package has been delivered. Hmmm? Okay, then the csr put me on hold and will try to contact the original courier of my package. Fedex asked if it was all right for the courier to contact me to which I replied it was okay.

    The courier just called me and gave me some bogus explanation that his step-daugther was doing his route. Alright then... He said since she is new to the job and taking over his route she did not know my neighborhood and decided to drop my package off at the U.S. post office and mailed my package!:cursing: I can't believe this! I just live about 5 miles from the post office. Driving is a piece of cake even if it's 5 miles.

    Her step-father was begging me not to report her for mailing my package via the post office using her own money. He assumed I would have received the package by Monday since his step-daughter supposedly mailed at around 9:30 in the morning on Saturday?:confused1: He also thought since it was so small it would have been here especially via priority mail. He did not want me to report her to FedEx. What I fail to understand is if she was working for FedEx why did she not complete her route or call her HQ for directions. She could have even inquired at the post office!:wtf: Now he wants me to call him if I don't receive my package by 12:00 noon!?!?!?!?

    I am very confused! Is it his job or her job with FedEx? Or is this a scam to buy time and they have pilfered my beloved Louis Vuitton?

    My question is should I report father and step-daughter to FedEx for doing something against company policy. Which might result in termination of their employent with FedEx.

    Thanks for letting me :rant: Thanks in advance for any advice.:flowers:
  2. I would definitely report them-that's extremely shady, and I'm pretty sure a crime!

    You may also want to make sure your package wasn't tampered with. If he or she knows what eluxury is, they may have tried to steal the bag or replace it with a fake one.
  3. That is what I am thinking also while I was posting this. Less than an hour to go before I do report them, but I don't want to be the bad guy since this is a small rural community that I have relocated to.
  4. Report them. There is definitely something more to what he is saying.
  5. I'm not familiar with this state and since the communties are so small. I am afraid of retaliation. Wondering if there is some way I could check up on his story. He says to call his cell phone and leave a message later on because he can't pick up messages???
  6. Report him, don't waste a second.

    I have been wondering if, as someone else suggested that some of these problems with fed-ex delivering to the wrong place, dropping packages w/o signatures ect..... are really fed-ex drivers who are smart enough to know what is in the box and therefore scoring a great bag for themselves or their SO's.
  7. I'm going to concur here and say report him. This is really shady, possibly mail fraud, plus he's really messing with people's stuff, so this isn't affecting just people like him! I think part of being entrusted to deliver someone else's mail entails that you have to be honest, and this person obviously isn't. If he couldn't do the route that day, he should have let FedEx know that so they could find someone competent to fill in for him.
  8. oh man that's a crazy situation... I hate to get people in trouble, so I don't know. I might just wait until the package comes and if it takes longer than expected, report him. =(
  9. very strange, I would def. report them.
  10. OMG, that is so wrong! How can they do that and beg you to not report the incident? You spend lots of money on your items and it's their job to deliver them, but they accomodate their needs first? I don't get it...
    I would call him back and explain your situation...he has to understand where you are coming from, too. He cannot keep doing this! It was very nice of you to give him the chance to show up with your items. Let us know what happens!
  11. Oops...
  12. def report them!!! I dont think what they did was legal in any way, shape or form....

    I had my fair share of FedEX mishaps, as they once delivered my Elux bag and my laptop to a different house??!?!? :wtf:

    Please report them, do your justice and mine.. lol :heart:
  13. I'd report it. I know someone can lose a job, but if they did something wrong, then they need to be able to handle the outcome/consequences.
  14. Report it. They could do the same not only to you, but to other people too. Who knows what else they've lost/stolen this way?

    If a person is given a job, it's their responsibility to do the job properly. If you let them get away with it just because of a sob story, who knows what else they'll do?

    Let us know what you decided to do.
  15. report it!