OT - where to get a good buy on cell phone

  1. I need to upgrade but I can't for one more year unless I want to pay retail. . . which I refuse to do.
    Anyone know of a good reputable place?
  2. DO NOT go to eBay.. ive had 3 horrible cell phone experiences there!!

    Other than that.. ill keep thinking for other places..
  3. Oh, I wouldn't pay retail price, either! Did you try talking to your current cell phone company? They may have promotions, discounts or if you sort of nicely mention that you plan to change plans after your year is up, then they may find a way to upgrade your current phone. There is so much flexibility with those companies, it is always good to talk to them about any issue you may have with service, bills, minutes, etc.
  4. ^yeah, unfortunately that's how I found out I'm not eligible for an upgrade :sad:
    DH is the main account holder, he can have one/year, but as a secondary I can have one every 2 years and I'm only halfway through apparently.
    I guess Verizon isn't very liberal about that.
  5. So, even if you renew for 2 more years, they won't let you upgrade?

    Also, I know plenty of people who have gotten phones off of eBay and it's been fine. What you have to look for is actual cell companies and not individual sellers. You want either new or refurbed with warranty. Obvs, make sure you check reputation.

    Aside from that, there's really no other way without a contract in some form or another, and that means breaking your current contract.

    What kind of phone are you looking for?
  6. I know some people have had luck on eBay (I bought my bluetooth on there & had a good experience), you would just have to do your research before buying.
  7. I got my phone from Wirefly. I had to sign a new contract, but I didn't have to pay for my Motorola Rzr that was going for $200s at that time, after the rebate. Well, the rebate took forever, but eventually I got the money back.
  8. we're in a 2 yr contract w/ Verizon, signed last March, so we're halfway through.
    I'm a SAHM so nothing really fancy, I don't even text people.
    That said, I'd like a pink Razr!:biggrin: