orlando/sarasota FL shopping

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  1. i'm going to sarasota/orlando area for a week in june, where are some good places to shop? i don't pay retail on anything designer so i need good sales! how are the orlando premium outlets?
  2. There are some nice places to shop in Sarasota, especially St. Armands Circle. It's a pretty wealthy area though, so don't expect great sales on designer stuff.

    There is a big outlet just north of Sarasota in Ellenton where you could get some bargains.
  3. I really liked the Orlando premium outlets.. They had a Dior, Fendi, Ralph Lauren, Barneys, Farragamo, Burberry, Diesel, etc.
  4. I love St. Armands! We go more for the great restaurants & people watching than the shopping though, lol.. Gonna have to check out the Ellenton outlets!