orlando outlets

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  1. So Dh and I went to the prime and premium outlets while we are down here visiting family yesterday. I usually buy at least two bags and assorted accessories. I find that each one of the outlets has different stuff. I never really go looking for anything in particular but wait for something to "jump into my arms." Well can you believe that not one bag spoke to me? weird. I just felt like the selection was lackluster compared to what it was last time. Tons of zoes, achival totes, and lots and lots of khaki signature.

    I did walk away with some smaller items. Wanna see? I'm prolly going to go back one more time before we leave and see if any of those beauties strike me enough.
  2. Yes! Pics please! ;)
  3. I'm in.
  4. My dog is asleep enjoying her new collar. I just had to get her something for showing dh a new coach appreciation. :smile: She also got the matching leash.


    A few scarves and a key chain.

  5. Great keychain! How much was it?

    Aww your dog looks very cute in her new collar!

    Lovely scarves too!
  6. thanks, the key chain was $19.
  7. Awwww, what a cute sleepy puppy pict!! Love your scarves & keyfob!!