Orlando outlets part 2.... :) (reveal)

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  1. So DH and I went for round two at the premium and prime outlets in Orlando yesterday. I had much better luck this time around and found a steal of a deal. They are not doing any fourth of July promotions but they did still have the 50% off.:biggrin:

    Anyone wanna see what I got?
  2. I'm here! Lets see!!
  3. Show us!
  4. Well here's a hint. I got something from both outlet stores.....a little something and a big something. Sorry if the pics are sorta blurry. I'm taking pics with my iphone.


  5. I'm here too!!!
  6. I'm think scarf and small wallet???
  7. YAY! I made it for a live reveal! Bring it on!
  8. I want to see! Bring it on!
  9. ???
  10. :supacool::shrugs:
  11. oohhh yeah
  12. Did OP disappear?
  13. looks like i'm just in time!
  14. Ok here we go my pretty little things.... :smile: I have always had a slight fascination with scarves. I just could not pass these up.

  15. either that or this is one hell of a tease!

    ETA: nice scarves!