Travel Orlando in April...Cheap Disney ticket...?


Nov 3, 2008
I am going on a small trip to Orlando with my Mom in about 12 days. I have hotel reservations and all but am planning to go to Disney World. I am thinking maybe 3-4 days at various parks...

I saw that Florida residents can get a 4-day pass for $99 but the ticket for regular admission is like $86 a day. I was wondering where I can find the most affordable option at the moment...I know it's a short notice but I will be paying for this trip and the hotel already cost me a small fortune.

Also, how is the crowd in April? It's just after Easter so kids are back to's the weather usually?

Thanks in advance!!!


Jul 24, 2007
I have never been there in April. Florida's worst season I suppose is the rainy season, and even then from my experience isn't so bad/cold. But then again, I'm from freezing Canada lol. But if you want last minute deals, perhaps you can find some at the local shops that specifically cater to tourists. They often have packages that include SeaWorld, the Disney Parks, Universal Studios, etc. You can find these shops all over Orlando.
Jan 10, 2009
Don't buy Disney tickets from anywhere in Orlando but Disney. Most of those tickets for sale at stands are park hoppers w/a day or two left on them. They won't work and you'll be out of money. Disney finger scans you and matches your print w/your ticket. If they catch you using someone else's ticket they may remove you from the park and trespass you.

Most of the legit Disney discounts for non-residents are via AAA. Here's a list of potential discounts -

You can't buy resident tickets unless you are a resident. They will check your ID and the ID of anyone buying a ticket. has some good money saving tips though.

April crowds are ok. Summer and Christmas (and Thanksgiving) are worse. The weather ranges from the 60's to the high 80's. It rains alot this time of year.
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