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originally posted in the monogram sergent bronze thread..need some help..


Jun 17, 2006
hmmmm.... well I just bought one of these last Sunday. I have until this Sunday to decide what I am doing with it. I was actually going to post photos of my new bag when I found this thread, and realized that you have all seen it already. I can see how everyone has conflicting opinions of it. I don't really know what to think either. It is unusual in it's shape and unlike everything else I have ever owned, is very structured. It is a perfect neutral (which is good for me) and so far has gone with everything I have put it up against. I do think that photos have not done it justice to date, but at the same time can't really defend the shape, but as funny as it might look sitting on a table, it seems to look really cool over my shoulder or in my hand. ? The size of the bag works great for me too, and so far it has been really easy to get things in and out of and very easy to use. But - I know what you all mean... I am a little torn myself about this one. hmmmm.... Is there anyone out there who also has this bag and can weigh in on it? I have to figure this out soon. btw DH thinks it is very cool looking and loves the vintage look to it...? Will the color and fact that it is so easy to use be enough to warrant this purchase? Man I'm confused..... again....


Rustic <3
Nov 29, 2006
Well, i think the bag is beautiful and the only thing that bugs me personally about it, as i had said, is the shape. i also am semi-iffy about the semi-open sides of it (which i am getting over slowly, cause i just purchased a reade pm which is fully open...im proud of myself! hey...slow and excellent way to cure paranoia right?, buying more open bags...lol..).

The style, color, process, even the strap i love. it's incredibly unique. the price was hefty for something i KNOW i personally wouldnt use, but if it goes with everything you own, you obviously LOVE the style of it and like the shape, easy to use for you, etc....i would honestly say to keep this. this won't be around forever and i'm sure tons of people will not have it and if you love it and it goes with you, then YES!

I really think you should keep this, it is a funky and neutral design and has a really awesome aura and air about it. good luck with your choice hun, but i won't lie...i would love to hear that you kept this...and show us some pics! we all love to see everyones pride and joy here. even if it may not be some ppl's cup of tea, it's everyone's cup of tea to see someone so happy and showing off their new purchases! :heart::heart::heart:
Jun 29, 2006
It sounds like you really like it! It goes with a lot of what you wear, which is good; even though it's expensive, if you can wear it with a lot of different outfits, then it's worth it! The shape is weird on its own, but I COMPLETELY agree with you - when worn on the shoulder, it really does work! I tried it on this past Sunday, just to see, and it's a good shoulder-bag-shape-size...so if it works for you, and DH seems to like it to, so yay! keep it and rock it and wear it!


May 28, 2007
I personally love the vintage feel and the color of the leather. I was torn as well when my SA told me it was avaliable. However, I choose to pass on it cos I know it will not be something I use often and I dont really love the shape of it.. I wish that they could come up with that leather in a speedy :P well.. the world is never perfect right ? But if u think it works with your outfit do keep it and post some modeling pics.. !!
Jan 19, 2007
First of all I don't own this bag, but I have seen it IRL so I know what you mean about it not translating well in photos. The color is much more vibrant and alluring in person. With that said it is not a bag for me, but we are not talking about me! You raised far more positive points about the bag than negative ones, which for me means that some where inside you this bag makes you sing! It is a very unique piece and after reading your comments my advise would be to ignore the negative feedback on the bag, that is what I do when I love something and the majority doesn't. You are the one wearing it and it sounds like you can do so proudly, and that is all that matters. I say keep it, your reasons for keeping are far stronger than the reasons for selling. I hope this helps, even if only a little bit!


Beware the BIN Paw
Apr 25, 2007
I own one and frankly, I love that the shape is like nothing else out there right now. I love the color. The only thing that sort of bugs me is the strap. The open sides aren't big enough for a pickpocket to get your wallet. Maybe it's not a bag for everyone, but then again, I don't want to be like everyone else. Do you?


Jun 17, 2006
Thanks so much for weighing in everyone! I was afraid I wasn't going to get much feedback as I don't really ever post over here. LV is very new to me. So, I am still thinking about this and wanted to add one more thing to the mix. The only other LV bag I had was a Tulum GM. Note I said had. I originally went to the LV boutique to have another look at it and see if maybe I made the wrong decision, when they showed me this sergent. The Tulum PM was too small for me and the GM is almost too big. This sergent was kind of a meet in the middle size wise, but then there is everything else about it. I did take some photos outside as my camera takes pretty good photos outside so I am going to add them to the post as I think they are a little closer to real life representation of this bag. This bag is really a split - there are just as many good points as negative ones and it's going to be tough to decide.....


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oui, Louis!
May 15, 2006
the worst mistake is to be swayed by other people's opinions. buy what you like and what makes you happy. you're not buying the bag for anybody else but YOU :yes: and by the looks of it, you definitely should keep it ;)


ban BAN ban!!
Jul 5, 2006
i don't like the shape...but that's just me..i saw it at SCP last night and i must admit, i am attracted to the bag by the material..and the way that the logos stand out!

by all means, if you like it, keep it! there are a million reasons to return, and a million other reasons to keep it!
Sep 24, 2006
I saw this bag IRL yesterday at LV Bloomies at South Coast Plaza --- gorgeous bag! The picture that my SA sent me via e-mail didn't do it justice at all!! Love the way the LV logos stand out and how it already has a vintage look, and the shape is totally different from the norm --- great plus. My only hesitation on this bag is the open sides. I continue to have issues with open-top or even semi-open top bags so this was a deciding factor for me not to even try the bag on.

Go with what you really feel about the bag. For what its worth, I have the white MC Rita and there were more than a few people who hated the way it looked ("like a banana"), but that didn't sway me into returning it because I truly love it! Good luck with your decision!!


Sep 18, 2006
I think the shape is strange from the pic. But I don't think the pic does it justice. I think that if I see this baby IRL or on someone, I'd probably drool all over myself. Can you take a few modeling pics so I can drool on my computer? I say you should keep it. Sounds to me that you really like this bag. I've purchased quite a few bags that fellow TPFers don't like but I didn't really purchase it for them.