original retail price of CL black python simple 100s?

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  1. Hi, does anyone know what the original retail price of the CL black python simple 100 pumps was? I bought a pair on eBay at an astronomical price, but have recently decided that I bought a lot of my CLs a half size too small (after trying on a pair of simples in a 39 and realizing how much more comfortable they were). So I'm thinking about selling them, but feel guilty about passing on the super-inflated price to the next owner.

  2. My roccia python simple pump was $715, but that is after a 10% discount for opening a saks account. I am not sure how much black python is.

    Sorry about having to sell all your shoes. That part is not fun, but having to buy new ones--that's where all the fun and joy is.
  3. I think that the python simple pumps are actuall $795 now, when I picked them up last season they were about $765 but of course the price continues to go up every season. One of the things I hate about CL shoes and the weak dollar.

    What size are the python simple pumps? I would love to find a pair in black python?
  4. I saw the black python simple pump at the CL boutique on Madison Ave. They are the same price as the roccia python simple pump which is $795.