Origan or Dolma?

  1. How do you find out who has a specific bag? I am loving these colors. But, how do you get a current list of what is available and where? I have tried to email Bal NY before, but heard nothing back. Does anyone have a current list of their stock? Or Aloha Rag?

    I know Dolma is discontinued, but am still interested in the color.
  2. Have you been to the Aloha Rag site?
    The list is the only info they give you!

    And if you had the opportunity to choose? Dolma.
    Origan, however, because it's pre-spring 06', is much easier to find in unused condition.
  3. If the color is discontinued, I would just advertise in the WTB forum with your request. You can e-mail aloharag at aloharag.com and ask for their current list of Bbags and they will get right back to you with what they have. As for Bal NY, its much better if you call personally, ask for Joseph he will be glad to let you know what they have available.
  4. Dolma is discontinued but I think Aloha Rag still have the origan color. Call them up.
  5. I have been after the Dolma for at least a month now with no luck (in the City size). I may be able to get one this fall from someone...but meanwhile, still waiting!