Organizing Mj Forum??!!

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  1. Hey guys..This forum needs a little think??LOL!?
    Post suggestions here so Vlad and Megs know what you want..etc..Like a reference library..ALOt of the other forums have look at them and make suggestions!Makes it easier to navigate!Thanks a bunch!
  2. A reference library would be nice, so there isn't so much searching for bags. A lot of people are coming to look at older versions of bags so I think that would help.
  3. I think that if the reference library included the documenting leather variations thread, that would be very helpful.
  4. Yes a library of bags offered each season in their color variations would be awesome! It might be quite and undertaking, though...
  5. I would love to have the threads for list your MJ bags, celebs w/ MJ accessories and rare/most desired styles made stickies and/or part of a reference library. I go back to those threads on a daily basis and it would nice to have them easier to get to.

    Thanks for whatever improvements you make! It's greatly appreciated!!:yes:
  6. ^I thought there was already a leather variation thread as a sticky...

    I think the rare/discontinued thread should be a sticky too, it's a good reference for older bags.

    And for some reason, every week there are two new posts on where can an elise bag be found, would a sticky for where to find auth bags/elises be good(ie websites, stores)? Or a thread of auth bags on ebay, such as the balenciaga forum?
  7. ^^Where to find auth bags sticky would be great! I'm currently looking for a Veruka bag that used to be on Eluxury and isn't anymore.:sad: I'm having a hard time finding it now!
  8. It's crazy how much this forum has grown recently.

    I love it!
  9. MJ reference library, MJ shopping esp since we get alot of where can I find such and such bag, fakes thread, and rare/discontinued styles and if you need a mod then def. bag.lover
  10. bag.lover gets my vote for mod too!!:yes:
  11. bag.lover all the way!
  12. I'd like to see an "Achtung! Marc Jacobs" sub-forum like the Balenciaga forum has, where we can post the authentic bags we find on eBay for those who may be looking.
  13. ^^^I think that should be in MJ shopping. I just don't understand nor like that Achtung word. IMO if I were new and I saw that word, I would be like, what the heck is that subforum for. That's what I did when I first saw the Actung! Balenciaga forum.
  14. Guys..we are asking for suggestions to ORGANIZE..we have mods already..LOL....
  15. Ah, well it just means "attention." Sticking that kind of stuff anywhere is fine by me, I just want to be able to easily find out what's new and authentic on eBay. :smile:
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