Organic food

  1. How much organic food do you all incorporate into your diet? Do you feel it really makes a difference? I was having a conversation with a friend who tries to do almost all organic food, and she feels despite the cost and effort it is well worth it since she feels so much better overall. I definetely try to buy organic or farmer's market veggies and fruit, but I have not ventured consistently beyond that and would like to learn more. Your opinions or information regarding the organic market would be appreciated! :smile:
  2. I guess I'm bad. I don't do any organic food. I go to a normal grocery store b/c there is not even a Whole Foods or anything like that close to me- like within 10-15 minutes. My grocery store has organic meat and produce, but I just can't see paying 3x more something and that is what the difference is. Bananas were like 50 cents a pound for "normal" bananas and the organic ones were 2.35 a pound, if I recall right from this weekend. I may get flamed, but it really doesn't matter to me. I don't see the difference.
  3. i try to eat organic fruits, vegetables, and meats when i can. you can definitely taste a difference with most items. but im too busy to go out of my way and eat all organic.
  4. I love orgainc and home-grown products... will buy it whenever I can.
    We have a great Amish Market here to buy all kinds of awesome food and produce that is traditionally grown... even the "free range" chicken taste different.

    My DH's family also owns a big farm in PA and my FIL owns quite an orchard plus a very nice vegetable garden... always fresh greens and fruits most year round.
  5. We try to do organic fruits and vegetables. Too many pesticides and who knows what on these especially when they are from other countries. I do think organic milk tastes better. Our garden is organic and we have tons of frest vegetables and fruits throughout the summer. My hubby planted raspberry, blackberry and blueberry bushes and they are taking over. I would have a problem with paying $4.99 for a pt. of raspberries at the store. Now I get so many I have to freeze them. I do find the more I read on organic the better I feel doing it. We did organic meats in Florida but we don't have that up here. Our orange, lemon and lime trees are in the basement with a grow light in the room and the trees are 6++ feet and have fruit on them.
  6. We only eat organic fruits and veggies. DD just started solids(veggies) I felt so much better feeding her organic stuff. I just wasn't comfortable feeding her something that had pesticides and god knows what else on it. Plus the organic stuff tastes a million times better!
  7. I probably eat 70% organic diet, and would recommend it to anyone. I rarely get sick, the taste is much better, and my skin looks better. I also find that my grocery bill is a bit less because I no longer buy junk food. The only time I don't eat organic is when I'm going out to dinner or lunch.
  8. I don't really notice much difference in the taste unless it's homegrown. But I feel better knowing it doesn't have pesticides all over it... I figure that if it's readily available and there's at least a slim chance it's better for you, then why not!

    There's only SO and I at my place, so I haven't really noticed any increase in costs, as we buy only moderate portions. If I had a family of 4 or more, I can see it would get expensive.

    I must say, the first time I made a conscious decision to switch to organic was when I was at the markets buying garlic and there was a huge rack of chinese garlic - every clove was bright white and absolutely perfect - they looked fake LOL... then, as I passed by the rack, all I could smell was a sweet, chemical smell and that was it for me - never again LOL!
  9. We try to only eat organic in my house. Of course there are some things that it is hard to get an organic version of, but most things are okay- fruit, veg, dairy, poultry, meat, pasta, rice etc. I hate having to buy the non organic version of anything, if what I need is out of stock- especially milk (apparently the mucus content of non organic milk is 75% higher than that of organic milk- bleuch!). I am also very conscious of the fact that non organic fruit/veg will be covered in pesticides, not found on organic.

    My husband and I went organic several years ago, for environmental reasons and to try to limit the chemicals in our diet, and now we have young children I am even more set on choosing organic for them. We are paying 3/4 times more than we would otherwise, but I think it is well worth the cost.
  10. I used to be on an organic kick for a while a few years back. It was so hard to maintain for me because A. Whole foods was sooo far from where I lived and B. I'm not that great a cook. But with all the hormones, antibiotics ,and pesticides, and other harmful chemicals in our foods, I say organic is the way to go.
  11. I travel so much that I CAN'T -- but when I'm home I eat organic.
  12. I'm not overly picky about fruits and veggies, to be honest, because you can wash off pesticides and I personally can't taste the difference - only the difference between locally grown and shipped in, so in summer months I only buy fruits and veggies at the farmer's market.

    But... for safety and taste I only buy organic meat and dairy. The taste difference is HUGE - especiially in eggs, milk and chicken. All organic isn't the same either. The organics at my local grocery store is better than say Perdue chicken, but it's not NEARLY as tasty as the organic chicken I can get at whole foods.
  13. We try to do as much organic stuff as we can. We can tell the difference. The milk is richer and tastier; free range chicken is not as bland as the supermarket version; veggies are sweeter; heavy cream has a little yellow tint in it vs milky white...

    I don't know if it's better for our bodies. I haven't noticed any difference yet. But I'm sure it'll show up at the later stage of my life.

    I'm mentally feeling better of myself because I'm ultimately helping to save the environment.
  14. We do organic eggs, milk, yogurt, butter and juice all the time. We try to do cheese too-but, it usually doesn't happen with cheese. We also do organic meat and veggies/fruit.

    In our case, it is done mainly because the organic stuff just tastes sooo much better than the non-organic stuff (meat is more flavorful, milk is creamier and tastier, etc)-i assume we are reaping health benefits as a side effect too, but, that is not the goal in our case.