Ordering through the 1888 number?

  1. When you place an order over the phone with Coach and they give you a confirmation number, can you use that to check the status online? Will you still receive an email confirmation? I like to track my orders. The last order is for my boss and I wanted to let her know when it would be in. If anyone knows the answers, please help. Thanks! :shrugs:
  2. If you gave them your email address, you should receive a comfirmation or shipping notification. I did when I ordered from the store.
  3. You should receive an email within 3 days with the FedEx tracking number. Whenever I order it usually takes less than a week from the day I order.
  4. I just emailed Coach and they replied saying that tomorrow I will be able to see the order status online.

    Sorry for being weird...but, when I order something I like to see that I've ordered it, ya know? And also I can give the order status website to my boss and she can check it and know that the order has been placed.
  5. I ordered from Coach about one week ago. Using my confirmation number, I was able to check the status online (though I did get an email confirmation too). It took about 2 days before it left the warehouse, but I was even able to tell that my item had shipped before they sent the FedEx tracking number to my email. Overall, the item was here in four days.
  6. You're right. I ordered something today at 3:00 EST and it's already up on the order status page as "In the Warehouse". I paid to have it expedited and since I live in Florida that means overnight from Jacksonville. So I should get it Tuesday. I ordered something Saturday and it will probably come the same time. I ordered the Saturday invoice online though. Never called to order anything before. Thanks for answering my question! :biggrin: