Ordering Juane from LVR....

  1. Does anyone know if the juane and purple LVR bags come with GGH or GSH? They don't specify on their site...
  2. Hi there, actually it's under "need more info" section. I think they are GSH.
  3. I'm sorry to answer your question w/ a question... but what's LVR? :smile:
  4. Luisaviaroma.com is an online boutique in italy that sells genuine bbags.
  5. They only ordered the giant silver hardware for the runway collection. No giant gold silver hardware.
  6. Which bag are you ordering. I have gone for a Jaune City. I think it will be superb with GSH!
  7. The juane city or part time, undecided. I atcually wanted the giant silver, so its great that they ordered silver only.
  8. I ordered a juane giant parttime from LVR just now, so excited!!!
  9. :huh:oh how exciting... post pics when you get her~! cOngrats :tup:
  10. Please model your bag for us too! I want to see how it looks on.
  11. I definately post an assortment of pics once she arrives!
  12. Hi..I just ordered the Purple Part-Time from LVR and I can't wait...I'm really in love with my Part-Times lately...Wanted a Jaune(Marigold) in it but you had to pre-order by the time I checked back in with them...:balloon: Will keep everyone informed when they send me info with my order...Their site's not to informative but I hear they will send me something with my order...:girlsigh:
  13. Oh dear - having seen those photos that appeared yesterday - I am rather wishing that I hadn't pre-ordered a Jaune City from LVR.

    I hope that it comes soon to put me out of my misery. PLEASE don't let it be too orange!!!

    I think that I now know why none of the UK shops have ordered in the Jaune.

    A tiny voice in the back of my mind is saying, why not email LVR and ask if you can swop to Forest Green.
  14. If you email LVR soon, they will probably happily switch the color preordered for you. I was not in love with the pictures that I saw yesterday of marigold/jaune either. I know that I've ordered Balenciaga bags in the past and the colors were nothing like pictures that I saw on the forum such as aquamarine. I hated aquamarine in real life, it was too green but loved the color in PF pictures. So... I will let you know as soon as mine arrives what it looks like in person. I will also take outside pictures, so watch for my post. I'm hoping to get my bag soon.
  15. Thanks - however I have completely changed my mind. I am mad for my orangish bag!!! Rather hoping that LVR get a delivery tomorrow and that I might get to see it soon. Race you with the photos!!!!

    (I have had another reversal on the hardware front too. I had begun to think that I had had enough of the giant type and shouldn't have ordered the Jaune with it. However, recent photos have suggested otherwise. I think the giant violets are proving to be more attractive.)