Ordering from LVR

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  1. The bag retails for 1549 US, with 7% tax, the total would have been $1647. I got on LVR for 1173, plus shipping. I believe its 10% duty but I haven't gotten the bill from Fedex yet. So still big savings.

    It got here fast, from Italy. You have to fill out a duty form for Fedex, but otherwise very good.
  2. hmmm. NAP seems much easier. they take care of all the paper work and duties. then DHL delivered it in 2 days. but NAP i think costs a bit more.
  3. Yeah, NAP is definitely easier. LVR is a bit of a hassle with the duty forms and all. Fedex emailed me the form, and after I faxed it back, they delivered it the next day.
  4. Even Isabella Fiore bags are made in CHINA. I remember I was so shocked to see a $400 bag made in China! :sad2:

    Greenie: please let us know the cost of your duty, thx.
  5. Was that the 813 EUROs one or the 1084 Euros one? Still a little fuzzy on the exchange rate. Thanks for your help Greenie. I'd fill out a form to save a little :smile:
  6. It was the 1084 one. But after you take the vat away, only 903.33. Add shipping, 953.33 (50 eur for shipping). That translated to 1173 on my visa (they charged me a fee too. that fee stuff is bogus!).

    You can go to exchangerate.com and put in the amounts and it will tell you what you pay.
  7. Appreciate it, Greenie!! ;)
  8. greenie let us know how much ur duty comes out to......i've been wanting to order my small paddy from them but i hate doing things i don't know so after ur order is all completed maybe i'll work up the nerve to place mine......and u say they charged u fee.....what's the fee and is it in addition to the 953.33 euros u paid?
  9. My credit card company charged me a percentage for overseas charge. Check with your cc company. Mine charged a percentage ($35 or close to that). But that was included in the $1173 charged on my visa.
  10. Yup, my VISA card is now charging 3% for currency conversions. However, my MC still isn't. Go figure, it's still on a case by case basis.
  11. Why does LVR charge less than anyone else? Less than NAP, less than NM or Saks? It's good, but strange I guess. I wonder how they can do it when no one else can?
  12. LVR charges less, because they are in Italy where the bags are made. No shipping, customs, etc to add on to the bags. It still comes out a couple hundred less from LVR even after paying customs and shipping and cc %. I ordered one on Monday, got it today and it was stuck in customs for 2 days, very quick!!! The jeans moyen, bleu clair is very pretty!!
  13. I don't have any MC sadly, but one of my Visa is charging 1% for currency conversion fee. I might just go with that card because of its low rate.
  14. My Visa also charged a 1 percent currency conversion fee for the paddington order from NAP :suspiciou I just saw it on my statement a couple of days ago.