Ordering from LVR

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  1. You should at that price - and then we can start an informal inquiry into Mulberry bag Manufacturing; we will conduct our own research study.

    Greenie - on the other board the member said hers said, "made in turkey".

    Maybe we should just stop asking before we stop liking our bags...;)
  2. Someone on TFS said their roxanne was made in Turkey!
  3. LOL
  4. ok well the order is in, just gotta wait now... i'm crossing my fingers for ITALY even though everything says china or turkey. UGH!
  5. OMG...the intenational Mulberry incident!!! LOL
  6. LOL - :lol:

    Ya know when I was kid I hated those damn Mulberry trees; the berries stained all my clothes and my white Keds...
  7. I have a bronze metallic Roxanne from F/W 04/05 and it says TURKEY. I'm not so bothered by Turkey. Turkey is an old world manufacturing center with a deep history. Its not the same as the new quantity manufacturing capability that is the raison d'etre of China.
  8. my blenheim is made is turkey as well
  9. Okay, here is what the guy at bob ellis shoes said. The leather is made in Italy and shipped to China (the woven 2006 cruise)

    or ....Turkey (the phoebe) to be put together.

    Then, the bags are shipped to England or Italy to be finished and sold.

    I still love the bag. At least at LVR, I got it cheaper than if I bought it in the States.
  10. OK, am I the only person in here that doesn't know what LVR is?
  11. luisaviaroma.com

    check it out. there are prices are great!
  12. hi guys,

    i just got a bayswater from nordstrom and no where in the bag can i find a "made in ______." i even looked at the tag that was attached to the bag. can someone tell me where to look to find out if it was made in china, turkey or italy?:wacko:

  13. Try looking under the inside flaps. It will be a small black tag.
  14. Thanks, Greenie. Made in Turkey.
  15. Greenie, so the prices are better in LVR? I gotta convert to US, than to Canadian. And the price didn't seem right to me (looking at a small silverado). Mind me asking how much it was on your card, the excahnge rate I mean, I was told about 1.2. And this ships from Italy?? The shipping and stuff I'll have to chance. NICE BAG, BTW :smile: Have yet to get my hands on a Mulberry. Need one in my collection.