Ordering from LVR

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  1. Did anyone order a paddy from LVR before? How much duty do you have to pay and how long did it take for your package to arrive? Thx. :biggrin:
  2. Sorry, but what's the full website address?
  3. I ordered a bag from LVR and got it today.

    It was shippped Fedex on 1/3
    On 1/7 Fedex called me and said I had to fill out a customs form
    They emailed it to me.
    I faxed it back on 1/8
    My bag was delivered this morning with a note that Fedex will bill me for the duty.

    Hope this helps. I don't know what the duty is yet. I'll find out when I get the bill.
  4. which bag did you get?
  5. Greenie, can you post the final cost of your purchase when you find out? i've seen some things i want to pick up from LVR, but was wary about shipping and duty. thanks!
  6. You know I got the mulberry. I just couldn't stop thinking about it! :P

    Can't wait to go home and see it!

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  7. Sure!
  8. Good for you; I am excited to see pics of it; I bet it is a summer-stunner.
  9. Just to update you guys on my Mulberry purchase. I received the bag today and was shocked to see a tag on the inside "made in china" !!!! Needless to say, I started to wonder about LVR. So I called NM and finally got someone to answer in Bal Harbour and asked them to look at their bags.

    To my astonishment, "made in china." The SA couldnt believe it! She had no idea. She's going on and on about how this is one of their hottest selling bags, etc, etc. Absolutely stunned!!

    So what do you think? Luxury bag made in China? From what I hear, lot of designer clothing is made in Southeast Asia. I guess it wasn't too long before lux bags made in China?
  10. WAIT a second, but the site says it's made in ITALY? so what's upwith this???
  11. I don't think Mulberry was always a MIC brand. At some point demand must have overwhelmed supply and the company started outsourcing.

    Is there anyone else who owns a Mulberry from a few seasons back that can look at the tag and see where their bag was made?
  12. maybe i'll just get it and return it if it's made in china...
  13. Do you think it's just certain styles that are made in china? It's wild.
  14. ok i just put the order in. i'll let you guys know when i get it from saks...