ordering from LV site

  1. does anyone know how long it takes for LV to send out a bag if you order it from their UK website?
  2. I think it would take about 3 days :smile:
  3. thank you! :tup:
  4. Depends what day. Usually 2days, however i ordered my speedy on friday and didnt get it until wednesday.
  5. it doesnt take long at all. and i love the LV stationary you get when you order online.
  6. You can order from the LV site?

    I thought it always redirects you to Eluxury? Or is that only for USA people?
  7. people in the UK or france can order off the site.
  8. how about if you order from the UK site and have it delivered to the US? Is that even possible? Or you might just have to pay more for shipping.
  9. not possible. there was rummers that US customers will be able to purchase from the site soon.