orange juice, cause of break outs?

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    i've recently have broken out more then i ever have in my life. i swear i look like a teenager going through puberty :sad: a few weeks ago i just had 3 stubborn little pimples i couldnt get rid of, anyways... I havent changed anything except drinking a lot of oj for the past 2 weeks. i tried googling it and found a couple posts from various sites, saying citrus may cause some peope to break out. i'm very sad now :sad: lol :shame: has this happened to anybody else?
  2. I used to get a rash on my face from oj when I was little, but not anymore. I notice when I eat a lot of fruit (and juice) that my skin gets better :shrugs:
  3. claireeeeeeeeeeee!! lol i think im going to stop drinking it and see what happens :p
  4. Could be adult acne:sad: As a teen I had the expected breakouts and pimples, then it cleared up when I got to college. About my mid 20's full out breakouts, worse than I ever had as a teen. I think I have it under some sort of control now, but still have the occassional stubborn monthly blemish.
  5. maybe all the sugar thats packed into some oj brands?? have u looked at the nutrition label?
  6. Bethyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! :lol:

    Yeah, probably a good idea to stop and see if that helps. My skin has been bonkers lately too! I seriously have no idea why!! :confused1:
  7. its either oj or the foundation i started using :/ hopefully my hg foundation i got from eBay arrives soon! :smile:
  8. Is your skin very itchy like an allergy? My ds2 has an orange allergy and he breaks out moderately severe just touching the skin of an orange... :sad:
  9. Try cleaning your makeup brushes and changing your pillow cases weekly. Prevalent bacteria can cause you to suddenly break out. :yes:
    OJ has citric acid, so I don't think that would cause any breakouts...:nogood: