1. or this one??[​IMG]
  2. i like this one.
  3. I saw this at Neimans in the regular spy. It was cute but I remember it costing a load.
  4. I just noticed that!!! I was about to click pay...until I realized it was over $4,000...I do not love it that much!!! Damn!

  5. LOL. :roflmfao:
    That's a lot. Geez. $4,000?
  6. :lol: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: You are going spy nuts girl!!!! I've found myself drawn back to them. I sold my cognac to a pf gal and now I want one again!!! Guess they'll have to get in line behind chanel, LV and this paddy I am dying to have!!!!

    Hey-didn't you just get back from Chicago????
  7. I like this one better than the raincoat with bubbles and a handy handle.. but still 4000.. i`d hit up LV for a fringe bag.
  8. I did just get back from Chicago...great trip!!! I have a nasty hangoover today and I thought some online shopping would make me feel better!!! We went to see the Rocky horror picture show play last night at our local theatre! It was a GREAT time...I swear I keep acting like Im 21 or something! lol (and so does the rest or our crowd and Im the youngest one!!)
  9. Beautiful! But I would pick a wisteria and a hologram one for that price.
  10. Nay for me.
  11. Interesting..........but I'd rather have both the black and cognac spys' for that price!
  12. NAY, sorry.:shame:
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