1. I am not a fan of the optic pattern but I have a question because I happened upon a bag on Craigslist. How do you tell if optic is fake, it is an optical illsion right ? I could tell by the creed and the quality of the bag but how do you tell just by looking at a picture of it, just curious
  2. Mrs. MC, for me, I'd have to see the creed patch. That's the only way I'd know unless the pattern was really off which often times they are. I saw an awful Carly copy today in brown optic signature. And it was actually Gs not Cs so it was pretty obvious! Anyway, right now for me the creed patch is my greatest tool for recognizing a fake.
  3. Thanks glad I'm not the only one. maybe it is the color combo but i know when i am at the mall and see a fake optic i can recognize it for the quality and stuff. The optic pattern just really throws me off. I wouldn't buy it anyway though, not my thing
  4. I saw a horrible Carly in Optic Sig pattern at Costco last month.
  5. ^^^ it's like costco is a magnet for women w/fake coach bags, i swear!!!!!!!