Oppss....Wrong leather.....Please Help with Calfskin!!!

  1. Hey Girls!!

    I know i started a thread yesterday about Lambskin and I just found out the cambon line is "CALFSKIN":Push: .

    Can anyone tell me more about this??
    is the cambon line durable (everyday use)
    the ups& downs??

    thanks girls !!
  2. calfskin is even better if you are talking about being durable!

    I used to have a cambon bowler and yes it is durable.
  3. Yes, calfskin is much more durable tham lambskin.
    Lambskin is chanel's most delicate leather.
    Most people have no trouble caring for their Cambon, it's very soft so it feels more delicate than it really is.
  4. does it tend to scratch easily?? lose its color??? is it easy to fix?
  5. ^ it doesn't get scratches easily, but one time I did scratch my pink one and I was able to remove the scratches with just some leather conditioner. so definitely no worry about scratches!
  6. I think the cambon line is quite durable!! One time my bowler was smooshed by a chair (don't know how it happened, I went home and there was a chair on top of my bag!!!!) and when I removed it, there were some creases but no scratches or anything!

    I think it'll be safe for everyday use. The only thing I would advise is that if you have a light color bag (beige, pink, white), make sure the black straps arent resting against the bag when you store it.
  7. ^ yea i just read that thread....ohhh i would have a heartattack!
  8. I agree w/ the girls, this isn't a bag you need to worry or fuss about much, it's a great Ligne for this reason.
    But hurry, they seem to be getting phased out.
  9. like all the colors or just the beige and pink?
  10. some beige, pink and khaki {green color} were officially discontinued, but we're starting to find that stores are not reordering or able to re-order any more Cambon at all. My hunch is they've stopped producing them.