Opinions Wanted on Large Ergo Patchwork Large #11316

  1. Hi all -

    I think I really like the new Ergo Patchwork Large Tote that is scheduled to come out in September (I think it's LE - is that right)? However, $648 is a lot for me to spend on a handbag and in that price range, I could start to venture into LV.

    My SA said new items would be coming in August 27, and I am thinking the tote may be part of that shipment.

    I am asking for all you experts to give me your honest opinion of the bag - I know that may be hard since it isn't in stores yet! I really like color on a handbag, but am worried it may be hard to keep clean or may be too trendy. Do you think it may have any eBay value if I carry it for a few months and then decide to change? :confused1:

    Thanks all - I will post my collection by this weekend - I just purchased the Hamptons Turquoise Hobo and absolutely love it!
  2. cmm
    What color combo is the patchwork coming in?
  3. Honestly, I think you should wait to see the bag in person, try it on and go from there. $648 is a lot of money and yes, you could get an LV. IMO I don't think Patchwork is a favorite among lots of people, it seems like a hit and miss sometimes. Therefore on that note, it may not sell well on eBay. Good luck deciding.
  4. I would definitely wait until you can see it and try it on in person. It looks very pretty in the catolog but colors can be deceiving in print and online.
  5. You're talking about the multicolor patchwork tote right? Not the maroon patchwork hobo?

    When I first saw a picture of the multicolor tote on a blog months ago, I fell in love with it. It was a tiny picture, and I thought the bag just looked great. Then the catalog came out and my opinion changed. I don't like that the pieces are suede, and I don't like that some of them are embossed. I think it makes the bag look way too busy. If they were just solid color patches in a linen or canvas I think it would make the bag look better.

    Unfortunately I'm not a fan anymore. As for eBay resale value...I wouldn't let that be a factor in your decision. From what little experience I have as a buyer (absolutely none as a seller), eBay is unpredictable, and so I wouldn't pin any decision on being able to resell anything for a certain amount later.

    What it comes down to is, see it in person, try it on, then decide whether or not you want to buy it. If you still love it, then go for it, if not then I would pass.
  6. Hi -

    Actually, unless I got the item # wrong, its large, swirling blocks of color in dusty blue, green, pink, etc. So it looks like a patchwork in terms of various colors, but it's not like the typical Coach patchwork where each square-shaped block is made of a different fabric print. The design of the suede is the same all over the bag - it's just the colors that change. Does that make sense?

    I would definitely never buy it before seeing it in person - I know I have been disappointed in the past. I guess my problem is that even if I love the bag in person, I still would want to know that the rest of the Coach world wasn't silently laughing at me for buying a gaudy, hideous, etc. bag. :p

    Thanks for the input - I appreciate it!
  7. i'd definitely see IRL first. i saw the pic in the catalog when the new catalog came out. it totally wowed me at first, but after looking closely, i don't like all the suede. i have a cute sig mini skinny with a suede lining on the bottom of the skinny. the suede is so dirty and not soft and smooth anymore. although thats probably b/c its on my keys and i use it everyday. also, i feel this patchwork ergo is more a trendy limited thing. it's fun to have, but not practical and you might not use it in a couple months when the next new line comes out. that's just my opinion, i have never really favored limited or impractical lines. to me, i wouldn't use it enough to justify the cost.
  8. That bag is not my style. When I look at it it's more of an eyesore than an attractive designer bag. My DH even commented on how hideous it is! It does say in the catalog that the ergo hobo will be coming out in khaki/plum. What about that color combo? I can't wait to see it!
  9. I agree with the other ladies on this one - I think this bag is too busy in general (with the embossing especially) and, because it's made of a delicate material, it won't hold up as well as you'd like it to I fear. The suede is so thin and delicate, lovely to touch but not designed to last. I'd really encourage you to look for a more versitile bag in that price range and maybe wait and see if the patchwork comes to the outlets or ends up on eBay cheaper.
  10. i'd wait and see it IRL...for myself at this point since i'm not loving much in terms of coach fall items...i'm saving for my first LV or gucci bag......feeling the need to branch out a little bit...just IMO.
  11. I think it's beautiful, but screams impractical. I do plan to purchase the matching wristlet, for a fun bit of color.
  12. I own the bag in question and LOVE it! It is a combination of velvet and embossed suede. The suede is not that thin and seems to be holding up well. I've had it about two weeks and carry it for work so I cram it full of stuff and throw it around. I get stopped all of the time from people admiring it and wanting to know if it is COACH. It is much prettier in person than in the store books; however, it is a Limited Edition (only 600-700 were made) and is only available in the Flagship store. If you want it then I'd suggest ordering. Have it shipped to the store and if you hate it you can turn around and exchange it for something in store...the new Belted Ergo and Gallery Totes are out next week :yahoo:

  13. Can you be bribed to post a photo? :flowers::flowers:
  14. actually, I kind of like it. I haven't liked any of the other patchwork pieces, I guess it's the colors and the swirling pattern of this one that appeals to me.

    I don't know if I'll be purchasing one--the price point is a bit high for me.
  15. I love the colors they are so full of life and say fall to me.