Opinions/Thoughts on BIrkin Choice

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  1. Let me preface my question by saying...I have only the company of my fellow Birkin lovers here to talk about this bag. Everyone at home thinks I have lost my mind. So I thank you all for listening to me and all your advice.

    My short story...I have longed for a Birkin for a decade. It is coming to that point that I need to make a move.:biggrin: I have always been a black bag carrier. It is just me. The whole classic black bag...black shoes thing. Simple, clean, and classic. I always wear simple classic clothes, but pump it up with amazing jewelry and bags etc.

    I have always thought I would buy a black Birkin with Palladium HW. As of the last year or so I am swaying toward a color.
    Am I crazy? At times I get a bit stressed about my whole choice because this may be my only Birkin I ever own and I don't want to make a choice I regret. I just think some of the colors are amazing and the Birkin makes such a statement. "LOOK AT ME...LOOK AT MY GORGEOUS BIRKIN!"

    So, I am thinking color now. My only thought is as I age will I want to carry a bolder color and not black? Maybe I won't even care. So, this is where you all come in...what do you think?

    Also, I am loving some of these colors: orange potiron with palladium (I have loved orange since I was in grade school), Vermillion or a rouge bag, and that raisin color is even interesting.

    Let me know what you all think.
  2. Hi Kellybag! My husband also thinks I'm crazy that I have ordered the Birkin.

    If it will only be the only Birkin you have I think you should go for a color that will best suit your lifestyle, wardrobe and shoes. A color that you feel comfortable with. If you wear a lot of black, a colored Birkin would actually look great and compliment it. Maybe you can also try a neutral color ... not as bold.

    I myself personally dream of the potiron color with Palladium HW. But when I placed my order, I opted for a gold color leather with palladium HW, just because it's more neutral and I could wear it with a lot of my clothes. Though, I still have time until June to place an order for potiron :biggrin:

    Hope that helps :biggrin:
  3. Black is great but I find that a color or even one of the neutral tans "pop" more when you're wearing it. Don't get me wrong, I want a black Birkin, too, but Hermes colors are so incredible.
    My SA SWEARS that potiron is the new "IT" color and is a suprising neutral. Gigi has a Kelly in this and it's just :love: !!

    I also recommend Rouge Hermes for a great neutral. I use my Trim with blacks and browns and it works wonderfully.
  4. Oh, tough choices. Although I am obsessed with the blue jean birkin right now, I actually like the potiron the best of the ones you are debating between. It is so classic, perfect for any age and you can wear it with so many outfits!
  5. I've ordered the blue jean with palladium hardware, I think it's a color I'll love forever and it's great for all seasons, with casual or business wear:smile:
  6. Blue Jean is just incredible!!
  7. ^^^I agree :biggrin: I love the rouge as well, especially in lizard or other exotic skin. I hope you get yours soon, I can't wait to get mine :biggrin: I'm hoping for a bicolor, blue jean, or exotic. Whichever happens to be out when I walk in...or if I get lucky and am able to place an order...Lord help my poor SA, we'll be in there for hours :lol:
  8. You all get me so excited, so if you had to rank them in the order for me, you think I should shoot for...am I hearing you all correctly?
    1)orange (potiron)
    ...with palladium/Togo

    Rank them for me please. Hee hee
  9. I like that ranking!
  10. I'd probably nudge gold in between rouge and raisin, or raisin and black.
  11. Coco - I love gold, too! It's the color that would go with 90% of my wardrobe and if I had that bag, I'd want to use it 6 days out of 7!
  12. I love all Birkin colors, but when I'm actually buying one I'd rather stick to neutral colors ( browns are my favourites, gold, black and H Rouge) because I think that they will never tire me. My mother gave me her old Box Kelly in dark blue (she bought it in 1980) and after it had sat in my closet for a few years without me ever using it, I sold it. Now I regret it 'cause it was vintage and in very good condition, but altough it was a lovely bag I just couldn't get around to wearing it in that color. Had it been brown or black or tan ect... I'd still have it. So if you're anything like me I would stick to neutrals..
  13. I agree with Noriko. A bicolor birkin especially in exotic leathers is so gorgeous. My suggestion to Kellybag.....since you're confused on which colour to get....why not get a bicolor birkin?? Black/orange, or maybe a black/rouge birkin. As for Noriko, wish you good luck for your dream birkin. :nuts:
  14. IFFAH, I could easily go for a bicolor and the combos you suggested suit me just fine. Part of me feels it is just how the cards fall in my Hermes shopping area. You just never know. My gut feeling says I will be able to get exactly what I want, but hearing all of your stories on the forum worries me.
  15. KellyB, you already are ahead of the game because you have the Kelly,. This "ups" your ante in the H boutique considerably. I'm sure that if you start "stalking" your stores and get yourself a regular SA, you'll be fine and will get a Birkin quite soon. Start buying little things VERY regularly. Wallets, scarves, shoes, agendas, perfume...go to the same SA.
    It seems that this way, the "world" of Hermes opens up to you a lot more.
    Or, you may just walk in on a Birkin and it may not be the color you orignially wanted, but it may take your breath away and you'll feel that you must have it and no other bag.