Opinions please!

  1. I think the Chelsea satchels are lovely, classic-looking bags in general, but Im not too crazy about this one. I prefer these bags in leather. Kinda pricey, too.
  2. Hmmm, for some reason I'm not really a fan of it...couldn't tell you why though, there's something about it.
  3. I am not a fan of it either.. sorry.. the haircalf thingy reminds of the sheep got all her hair shaved lol
  4. Thanks guys, you're great!
    I like the straps and color but I'm not sure about the size and the haircalf.
    A little pricey for just liking the straps! ;)
  5. I have to say no too.
  6. Its On Sale At Macys For 30% Off!!
  7. I like the straps and color but not the rest of it. Also, for *me*, there isn't *any* bag that is worth that much. My max I'll spend on a bag would probably be about $500-600 and it would have to be a REALLY great bag! That's why I like Coach. They have *a lot* of bags in that price range that are great-looking bags.:tup:
  8. Whew....a little too pricey...yikes! It's pretty, but for the price...
  9. if only they could use synthetic hair.. it really is gorgeous in person!!! poor calves :'( man i suck at spelling
  10. I'm not digging the hair on this one.. I like the shape though...
  11. :tdown:
  12. I think the bag looks nice, but I'm sure the calfhair has the potential to ruin clothes.
  13. Not lovin this one. I like the satchel itself but not crazy about the haircalf.
  14. If you're going to invest that much, I'd buy a legacy bag. I think the Chelsea's are really difficult to get into with the turnlock closure at the top and then you have to fold up both sides...not a fan of this one.