Opinions please..

  1. Hi everyone.. how do u think it looks on me? Honest opinions please.. Should i exchange for a GH City or just keep it? TIA :smile:
  2. Hmm, the pics are cropped in a way that makes it difficult to really see how it looks on you.

    The Part Time is a great size though.
  3. Nice looking bag! It does look kind of big on you...but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Big bags are in. ;)

    Can you take a pic of you wearing it with the shoulder strap - I thought that was your main concern...
  4. ICB - Sorry for the pics ;)
    FIATFLUX - it's a good idea! :yes: will post some with the shoulder strap!
  5. what do all think? Is the strap too long for me?
  6. I think you'd be happier w/the city...it does look a little long on you.
  7. I agree.. it looks a little "overwhelming" on your small frame :yes:
  8. Yeah, it looks big on you :yes: i would go with the city!
  9. It llooks overly too big on your petite body.
  10. Still pretty hard to tell, but it does look too big for you.
  11. i agree:yes: kinda look big and long for you.

    but, if it makes you happy carrying the PT-keep it!
  12. It's hard to tell with the cropped pictures, but it seems large on you. There's large and there's HUGE, but I guess it's all about personal preference. As I said in a prior thread it's a gorgeousssssss bag, but now that I see it on you, I honestly think it's too big. My vote is to exchange it for the City.
  13. like what the rest of the girls are saying; it is hard to tell without a full body shot. from your pictures, i would go for a city instead. but your PT is gorgeous though.
  14. If you take a full body shot, we'll be able to tell better on how the size really looks on you.
  15. It also comes down to function. Or were you going more for the look?

    Part Time is supposed to be a larger bag...so yes, naturally it will look larger! However, if you don't carry that much around then I say stick with a City.