Opinions Please - which color do you like better?

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  1. Hi everyone, and thanks for all your input on the MK Venus Shopper. I'm going to buy this bag but I just discovered the cream color!! I wanted to get all your expert opinions...Which color do you like better? I want this to be an every day bag and I work in an office environment. So I know black would be the obvious choice but I think I'm in love with the cream...

    What do you think?


  2. i love the way the cream looks with the gold hardware...cream!
  3. hmmm i like how the gold stands out on the black....BUT the cream is quite lovely as well.....do you have a lot of black bags already? if so, go for the cream, if you need a black bag, than go for the black
  4. i like the cream bag. both are beautiful though.
  5. I love the cream, but if you're afraid of getting it dirty you should go for the black.
  6. I love the creme...the black looks more dull IRL.
  7. black
  8. Black!!!
  9. I like the cream.
  10. The cream is beautiful, so lovely and warm for this winter too
  11. I vote for the cream, it's so pretty w/ the gold hardware. Plus, the cream color will brighten up any winter outfit.
  12. I love both. Do you already have a lot of black purses? If so, go with the cream..
  13. I like both, but the picture of the cream made me go "wow!" It's really stunning.
  14. Cream is eye-popping but black is practical… buy both :yes:
  15. Cream! I think it looks much better with the gold hardware :smile: