Opinions Please......."Unfinished" Azur Edge

  1. I bouight my Damier Azur wallet about 1 month ago. I purchased it from Auckland, New Zealand, and didnt pay sales tax, so I had to pick it up at the Duty Free collection counter at the airport. I was rushed when I bought the wallet in the boutique and didn't notice that the top edge of the canvas was unfinished, the bottom edge is nice and smooth and looks properly sealed. The pic is not the best. I also had the wallet heat stamped.

    So I guess my question is - do you think that this is repairable or will they replace the wallet even if it has been heatstamped.
    Azur Detail.JPG
  2. That is what the edge if my Zippy in azur looks like. The part attached to the canvas I mean. I think Thats the way it's supposed to be. If not I'm in trouble too.
  3. No, it should not look like that. I have had problems with 2 LV items same thing, An ellipse backpack and the accordeon wallet. LV exchanged both for me! They did not even ask me if repairs would be acceptable. The Ellipse backpack I had just received and the accordeon wallet I had for about 2 months. Take it to LV, the sealing on the edge was not completed properly and this will cause the canvas to separate from the leather. Good Luck, LV will take care of you!
  4. Take it into the store and look at others, if they dont look like that then ask about a replacement or repair,.
  5. Take it to LV.
  6. Time for a trip to the LV boutique! :graucho:
  7. same as above, I would take it in to compare with another.
  8. Definately bring it to the boutique!
  9. bring that sucker in, expecially if it bothers u!
  10. Yikes, I'm pullling my azure organizer as we speak. Am having trouble determining exactly what you guys are seeing...One of my edges attached to canvas is flat and doesn't look sealed either... ugh. The other edge attached to canvas looks rounded and more shiny, is this what you're talking about? I don't live near boutique, should I send back and ask them to reseal... maybe I'll post a pic tonite, don't have camera now... oh man, I love this organizer and use it every day...

  11. I have a Azur Zippy Wallet that is doing the same thing. It is separating towards the bottom where it is rounded. ( in the curve of the wallet). I have only had it for 24 days and may have used it for a total of 18 days or so.

    I'm taking it back and demand that they exchange it for another type of wallet. I don't want it repaired. This should not happen. It's not like I have been using it for 2 years.......very unsatisfied with the quality of the wallet. :tdown:
  12. Thanks guys - I live in a country with no LV :cursing: but am travelling next month. I should be able to take it to any boutique right?? And also it is heat-stamped - will that be a problem.
  13. I would get the number of the Louis Vuitton Boutique in the country that you will be traveling to and tell them about your situation with your wallet. See what they have to say regarding this matter. I just called the LV at the Saks where I purchased my wallet and they stated that they would exchange it; as long as they can see that it is defective. I can see that it is defective and I don't know see why they won't see it as defective also.
  14. I have bought from the LV store I am travelling to so I should be ok, thanks JARMOM.
  15. Okay, thanks jarmom for explaining this, I get it now and mine is not separating.... whew. I'll still post a pic and hope I can find this thread tomorrow...