Opinions please on these Chanels?

  1. Yay or nay on these Chanel grosgrain ribbon mary janes that I was able to find?


    Thanks in advance!
  2. those r so cute
  3. They are so so. Depends on the price. I saw a really cute pair at NM the other day. They were black with a white toe.
  4. Yeah I have seen those and they are very cute, but I was trying to stay with all black ones.

    These retail for $740 and I was able to grab them during the sale for 50% off.
  5. I love them!
  6. I love them...very cute.. not my style, but I still love them
  7. Very cute. They are keepers!
  8. Thanks. Now I'm 2nd guessing them b/c I'm afraid of a few things: the bow is going to pop off and/or fray, the CC button closure is going to fall off lol, and the bow in general is going to look dumb after this fall/winter.

    Any thoughts on this? Should I just stick to a classic style or have a little fun since I got them for 50% off?

    I'm 26, but I don't want to look 14 with the bows on the shoes. lol
  9. They are cute, but I know what you mean about the bows looking young. Overall it doesn't look like a little girl shoe, so I would keep them.
  10. I dont think they're to the point of being immature. The ribbons are feminine not clownish so I say they are keepers. I like them!
  11. yay!
  12. They're adorable!
  13. i think its a keeper :tup:
  14. They're very cute! A definate "yay" from me.
  15. LOL, wow the results are astounding. Ok ok...I'm keeping them. hehe

    I think I was hoping you all would say nay or something so I could save some $$$.