Opinions please on the Belgrave (pics)

  1. I found a Mulberry Belgrave in chocolate with tan trim and might be able to get it for about 60% off ($499, originally $1200). I am not sure what I think about this bag because I had not really seen one like it in person before and don't want to make an impulse purchase. What do you think of the style?

    Here are some pics, but the leather actually looks softer and smoother on the one I saw in person. Somehow the colors seem to look nicer in person too - less orangey. The side view is borrowed from another TPFer - it looks similar but the colors on the one I'm considering are in contrasting dark brown/tan colors.

  2. Personally I like it! It's a boxy shape, quite formal looking to me and hand held only so wouldn't fit with MY lifestyle though.
    What's your lifestyle and what would you be using it for? Don't be seduced by a great deal. You could always put the money towards a bag you definately want.
  3. It is a nice bag n a great price. However, the most important question u need to ask is will u use it and how often.

    I agreed with flyvetjo that u should not be seduced by a great deal.
  4. I like this style but to be honest I prefer it in the one colour and not two tone. However as long as you love it I say get it!
  5. I really like this one. Yes it is a boxy shape, but I remember thinking that it wasn't quite as boxy/bulky as the Roxanne or the Emmy. I think if your'e smallish, you may also be able to carry it on your shoulder. It kind of reminds me of a more formal/structured take on the Roxy.

    It went in the sale in the summer, they also had it in a lighter colour with dark straps (can't remember the name - possibly blonde?) but I personally preferred it in the chocolate/oak colourway.

    In fact, I was kicking myself for not having gone for it myself!

    Basically, it's a definate thumbs up from me, but as the others have said, *you* must love it, and not be persuaded just because it's a good deal :smile:

    Oh, and I agree - the leather I have seen is definately smoother and nicer IRL than the picture.
  6. yes , blonde and oak , that looks great as a colour combination
  7. I like it myself. It looks like a less busy version of the Roxanne.

    I would buy it but then that is me. I just bought a $2000 simple platinum ring today so you'll have to decide not based on my opinions. LOL :girlsigh: