Opinions on two-tone vs solid colored Rolex?

  1. Hello, everyone!

    Many of you have very helpfully chimed in on my previous post helping me to select a Rolex watch for my upcoming 40th. That post can be found here:


    Thanks in large part to your input, I have further narrowed down my choices to either the 31mm solid 18 kt yellow gold with President bracelet, or the 31mm two-tone ss/18kt yellow gold. At one point I had decided on all-gold for sure, then I started second guessing myself as many whose opinions I solicited in real life thought that the two-tone was a better option.

    This got me to doing a bit more research and reading on two-tone watches. It seems that some love them, and some hate them (this is true of anything, I suppose). However I also had a look through the celebrity watch thread and noticed that there are virtually no two-tone watches featured there.

    This got me wondering about why this is? It seems that most celebrities have solid toned watches - yellow or white. I'm sure that it's in part due to the fact that the cost of a solid gold (or platinum) watch would not be a limiting factor for celebrities, but I do see a lot of white gold / steel celebrity watches as well. It's not that I put a lot of stock in celebrity trends, however I do take it as a bit of a barometer read on the state of fashion and styling.

    So, I have a few questions:

    1) What is your opinion on two-tone watches (Rolex specifically)? Are they still a 'classic' choice, or not?

    2) Could an all-gold watch still be worn with white metal jewelery and accessories? I would get a white (or silver) dial, which I think would tie into my rings (which are all diamonds in platinum). I am wondering if a gold watch would go with other white metal jewelery. For instance, the other night I was wearing a black one-shouldered cocktail dress that had a belt with silver beads at the end. I wore my silver CDC and another silver bracelet. I was wondering if I had an all gold watch if it would have looked ridiculous, or ok? What is your feeling about mixing metals?

    I am having a really hard time with my deliberations, so I really appreciate any and all feedback! I'll post a photo of a 31mm all gold and a 31mm two tone for reference...

    Thank you!!:smile:
  2. Hhhhmmmm... I can't say that I would really even care if celebrities are wearing TT or solid-colored watches or not, but to each their own.
    Personally, I have a solid-colored Rolex and it got boring. It just didn't seem right when I was mixing and matching metals. I ended up purchasing a TT Cartier Tank and it's perfect.
    To answer your questions specifically, yes, certain TT Rolex styles will always be classics. Also, yes, I don't think that wearing an all-gold watch would look right if all of your other jewelry is white metal.
  3. I do have two rolexes: one w/ two-tones and one is stainless. The two-tones allows me to mix with gold custom jewelry and bags w/ gold hardware also with white metal options. In addition, I also wear my husband rolex blue face two-tone.

    Most of my jewelry in white gold or platinum. Then I wear my stainless if I want all white metal for that day.

    I still have not answer your question yet, aren't I?!? Yes, I agree w/ vhdos that certain style is classic. I don't think it's weird of you mix metal. You can layer w/ another bracelet.
  4. Im kinda "black and white" when comes to my watches. I have a SS datejust 31mm, YG ladies datejust 26mm, SS Daytona 40mm, which I think gives me enough versatility to mix and match. Its really up to you how you like to mix metals, personal preference i guess.
    My try to layer my solid gold with a wrap bracelet here:
  5. I have a SS Rolex and TT one. The tt is muuuuuuch more versatile and much prettiee, if uou ask me. Some wg/yg combos look good, some don't. The thing is that if you see yourself wearing 2 kind of metals together, why wouldn't you like the tt watch? Anyway, if it's your first/only Rolex, go with the tt.
  6. I agree with vhdos and madelinne. I have a ss and I'm quite bored with it now. I wish I had gotten a tt. I'm hoping to do a total make over someday, and change the face/bezel/ bracelet to tt, but that will probably cost as much as a new watch...
  7. I have 3 rolexes:
    26mm women's 2-tone w/diamond markers
    31 mm ss rhodium roman jubilee
    silver air king with blue face and orange numbers
    I love the 2-tone but I must say it is quite small. I think it is more of a "dressy" watch than an everyday sporty watch. But I do see some people wear 26mm everyday. Personally, I don't care for it. A 31 mm 2-tone would be better!
  8. Yes, I did some research on a make-over for my SS Rolex (MOP, diamond marker dial) and it would have cost me a small fortune to make it TT (a TT jubilee band and a gold bezel). I decided that my money would be better spent on a new, TT watch and I purchased the Cartier TT Tank.
  9. Oh I was thinking of doing the same! If it costs too much to do the makeover then I was thinkibg of getting a tt Cartier :smile:
  10. If I had the option of a TT or all YG Rolex, I'd get the YG w/ Pres. bracelet! And I absolutely think you can wear it with WG and silver tone jewlery without any worries, mixing metals looks very cool and less matchy-matchy than wearing just one tone. Years ago I was always frustrated if my bag had YG or brass hardware and my boots or jewelry were silver tone or WG, but I started always mixing metals on my jewelry and now I think WG looks great next to YG. I wear my SS Rolex next to my YG Love bracelet every day, and I plan to add a RG Love too so that I have all 3 metals mixed together. I'm sure a YG Rolex would look amazing next to your silver CDC, I'd wear that in a heartbeat!
  11. I think you should get what speaks to you and not what celebs wear or what others think is 'classic'. I own a YG cartier and a TT Rolex. They are completely different looks. I feel like the TT is more versatile, can be mixed with both metals, whereas my YG I tend to only wear with only YG jewelry.
    Not to say I don't lust after a YG Rolex, they are different looks and competely different price points.
  12. I'd go with the TT. I'm personally lusting after a TT Daytona with Tahitian Black MOP diamond dial! :graucho:

    In an ideal world, I'd have an all white gold watch, a rose gold watch, a yellow gold watch, a SS, and a TT! :p

    Out of all those, especially if you're mixing metals, I think a TT allows the most flexibility.
  13. Another vote for TT! I'm also in the market for a new watch and considering a DateJust in the same specs you listed - TT ss/18kt YG white-dial 31 MM. I like how the watches look in a solid colour but most of my favourite bracelets are YG (and it goes better with my golden-olive skin tone), while my wedding set is platinum/diamonds. The TT appeals to me because of its versatility. GL and happy early birthday!
  14. You and me, both, sister! :cool: And don't forget the watch with diamonds all over the bezel and bracelet!
  15. I have it w/o the diamonds and love it - though the dial is kind of hard to read. Who cares, eh?:biggrin: