Opinions on this shoe, please!

  1. Is this shoe too clunky? Platform too high? Any and all opinions, please!
  2. I'm not really a fan, but I wouldn't think it was hideous probably if I saw it on someone else.
  3. ^Ita. I love platforms but this one looks like it is a platform that is trying to be a high heel.
  4. it's a bit clunky for my taste. however, i'm sure there are some girls that can rock it. if you're one of them, why not? :smile:
  5. Love it.
  6. Like it but would prefer something less chunky personally!
  7. Would love it if it was a little more in proportion.
  8. Maybe not on me, but i like it! Style is modern, but it's still fairly clean.
  9. It starts to look chunky, but then you look at the heel & its not as chunky. Cute
  10. that looks difficult to walk in....if i was to wear them, i'm sure i'd trip after taking a step.

    but if you like it, you should wear them!
  11. It's not my taste at all, but on the right woman I think it could look hot (I see tanned skin, denim 3/4 pants and confidence when I look at these shoes for some reason :smile:)

  12. Agree!
  13. If you get them please post model pics....im curious how this would look on the foot.
  14. Love the style, but I am a huge wedge fan. Not at all crazy about the color, however.
  15. I like it, it's very different.