Opinions on this Rebecca Minkoff bag please!

  1. RM jane red.jpg
  2. It's too structured for my taste, but it's got a vintage look to it. Go for it, if you like it!
  3. Too boxy for me. Also I don't think it's working with her outfit lol Also that middle foot on the bottom is distracting and would have been better without it.
  4. I'm a huge Rebecca Minkoff fan, but I don't really love this style. It looks too much like every other tote bag out there...many of which you can buy for cheaper than this.

    I prefer a tote with more of a unique look. For bigger RM bags I think the Getaway tote is a little more interesting looking. I also have been liking the Anna Corinna city tote lately.
  5. I think the best two styles for RM right now are the Morning After or the Matinee bag! Don't like that tote at all.
  6. Ok color, but the style is too boring imo.
  7. Thanks for your opinions everyone. Ah the search continues... :upsidedown:will I ever pick a bag and buy it??:confused1:
  8. Too me this seems like a great work bag only.. I would use it in place of a brief case or something to hold files and paper work.. but not as a personal handbag. Maybe it is one of those bags you have to see in person though- you never know.
  9. I agree with HitchcockBlonde,
    the Getaway Tote is so great IRL. Also, it does not look overwhelming.
  10. I cant make myself like this bag. Im not sure what it is, but I feel like it is so ordinary-tote looking, and unspectacular-tote looking, if that makes any sense. I feel like if I wanted a tote, I could find a better one than this one.
  11. I really don't like it. I would stick with a MAB or Matinee