Opinions on this color?

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  1. This is one of my favorite shades of green that H does.
    Is it a bag or SLG?
  2. It's a Vespa bag. What green do you call it? I just don't want to pick another vert anis bag!
  3. Hi @bobkat1991! The colour is Pelouse, and I think it's very nice :flowers:
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  4. Pelouse is grass (lawn) green. V pretty on smaller leather goods IMO and looks amazing in alligator =).
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  5. #6 Dec 1, 2019
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    I love Pelouse.. I have horn & gator necklace (Isidore) in this color & receive many compliments on it
    & it works with shades of taupes & browns
    If you go for the bag, enjoy it!!
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  6. Unripe avocado green
  7. LOL. good color description
  8. Beautiful color!
  9. Pelouse!!!! My all time favourite H green ever :heart:
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  10. You all are wonderful! Thank you so much. I may just have to buy this bag!
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  11. Never seen This color in person but would love to. Looks like an amazing green.
  12. Snap it up! Gorgeous!
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  13. I haven’t seen this color in person but I am a green lover so I absolutely love this color!
  14. I am green with envy! Gorgeous!!!
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